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Mariners FanFest Saturday

I’m sitting here waiting for the NHL All-Star game to start (something I generally don’t care much about, but that is a story for another time), so let’s talk yesterday’s FanFest. I actually debating going again today, but I should … Continue reading

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Seattle Mariners FanFest Tomorrow!

  I dropped by the stadium yesterday with the intent to buy a holiday sweater for the weekend’s festivities. I try to layer due to the cold, but either I don’t layer quite enough, or I layer too much. I … Continue reading

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To DH Or Not To DH

With Mariners FanFest nigh upon us, it seems like the 2016 baseball season is so close…but it’s also so far away. The weather is still cold, but there are twinges of spring in the air; I noticed that the edge … Continue reading

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Australian Baseball?! Yeah, Buddy!

I have (very) recently been delving lightly into the world of Australian baseball. The Australian Baseball League has been around in one form or another since the early 1990s, but its current incarnation started in 2010. It is a professional … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Hall of Fame Announcements

On lunch again and trying to watch streaming coverage of the Baseball Hall of Fame announcement from the MLB Network. As I start this at 12.09PM, I don’t know that I will be able to finish the broadcast (I understand … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, From Section 331!

I don’t have any sort of countdown or top -whatever lists to share; I generally don’t think of the end of the year in those terms. Time just keeps going on, tomorrow’s just another day, and hopefully everyone I know … Continue reading

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Lookout Landing HoLLiday Party And Brief Mollusk Review

Since there is still not much to write about baseball for a non-analysis person during the month of December, I will just talk about the fun missed out on if you were not at Mollusk for last night’s Lookout Landing … Continue reading

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