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Australia’s National Anthem vs Hiccups

I am trying to organize some things for an actual post soon, but in the meantime, check out this little guy singing the Australian National Anthem before a game between the Adelaide Bite and the Brisbane Bandits while battling a … Continue reading

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The Mariners Did Some Things Last Week

I am spending this very Seattle day indoors watching the last bits of the Packers/ Panthers game.* Might give other games some thought, but after the week I’ve had, I think I’d prefer to just shut down and watch the … Continue reading

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The World Series, And The Future

I feel like I need to put something in this space, so while I have a little bit of time on an early lunch due to a trip I am taking later today, a few feelings about the muted remaining … Continue reading

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Cubs Win, Mets Are Winning, I Am Lazy

Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t have today’s holiday off work; so I missed the Kansas City Royals forcing a game 5 with the Houston Astros, the Blue Jays and Rangers tying things up, and quite a bit of … Continue reading

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I Will Miss Lloyd McClendon

By the time I am able to post this from draft, the Mariners will have made their public announcement regarding the letting go of manager Lloyd McClendon. I never know what to say when stuff like this happens. I’d hoped … Continue reading

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Adorable Baby Bears, Murderous Pillagers Play Baseball

Daniel is faster than I thought he would be, and wrote a post about the season ticket holder event that he went to on Saturday, the day before my last post. Check that out here, or scroll down, because you … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Mariners GM Situation

So that’s it. The Mariners cap the season off with a win, and everyone goes home to take a break or play in Arizona or the Latin leagues, or a little bit of all of that. Yesterday’s game was bittersweet … Continue reading

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