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Living in Seattle or visiting sometime soon? SafeCo Field is considered a destination ballpark, much like Fenway, but the views are considerably better, as are the prices. The park features food and drink a little above and beyond the call of duty, with everything from the traditional hot dog (the Major League Mariner Dog is the best hot dog EVER) to sushi and Thai food (and believe it or not, the sushi is good. It comes courtesy of a local chain called Rice N’ Roll). The Bullpen Pub has cocktails and a field-level view in left field, plus an extended menu with Mexican and barbecue options, among others. Most of the vendors feature Pyramid Hefeweizen and some sort of Coors or Budweiser-type options for beer, but there are many independent kiosks around the stadium that have other options, like ShockTop or Newcastle Ale. Plus, all the burgers, garlic fries, red whips, Dippin’ Dots, and Garlic Jim’s pizza you can shake a stick at. We also have the Hit It Here Cafe, but tickets for that section are necessary, and it’s inside, over right field. I personally think baseball is best viewed at the ballpark outside, so I cannot vouch for the Cafe, but it almost always has a lot of people in it. More information about the Hit It Here can be found, well, hereEDIT: March 2011 – we have a lot of new food options now, including a seafood kiosk on the northwest corner on the Terrace Level that is open to the public (again, the food is really good), poutine at one of the burger stands on the main concourse, Greek food at the 300 level, and starting this year, crepes and other newer options near the newly-remodled Bullpen Market area.

Tickets for every seat in the house can be purchased here.

If you’d rather purchase season holders castaway tickets to see if you can get a better seat for cheaper, I suggest StubHub. I wound up with a lower deck ticket for $15 to an Angels game in 2008 – granted, it was most likely because they were doing so badly, but a $15 lower deck seat is a bargain, for sure, and StubHub has bargains, if you’re willing to put the time in to hunt for them. Prices are best a day or two before the game, and a lot of the tickets are now instant-print, so no more waiting for the mail or going to will-call.

The following are photos I took during the 2008 season of various vantage points in the park, as follows— pictures 1 & 2 – section 125 behind home plate on the lower deck: picture 3 – section 136 on the lower deck: picture 4 – the Terrace Club level, around section 242 or so: picture 5 & 6 – section 331, seats 1 & 2.

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