Vote well. Vote Cameron.

David Cameron, one of the writers for has been nominated for a $10,000 scholarship because of a post he made about Felix Hernandez. The voting is public, and located here:

The article he’s up for is located here:


Voting only takes a second, and there is no registering. Baseball stats, science, and SABRmetrics are no friends of mine, but the guys at USSM are good writers, and I have learned a lot from them this year, despite my inherent dislike of numbers; I think they deserve it. So if you bother reading me at all, run, click…vote Cameron.

The Thunderbirds won tonight against the Red Deer. There was a minimal amount of fighting, and at least one really awful call by a ref, who was bombarded with boos, thumbs down, and swearing by the crowd. I discovered that T-Birds fans will yell “Portland sucks!” to the breakdown in Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part 1, regardless of what team the ‘Birds are playing. It’s much more animated when they’re actually playing Portland, and they will be doing just that on November 22nd. I may try and go. I also discovered that I can bring a camera, so long as it’s not professional grade, and I don’t use a flash. No problem. It’s kind of a shame that the T-Birds don’t really bother to advertise their whereabouts: the Key should have been packed tonight, and the turnout was middling at best, on a Friday! I don’t think people know they still play there, and they don’t bother to let people know. I’m signed up on their mailing list, and all I’ve ever heard about is their move to the Kent Events Center. I had no idea they were still at the Key. I so wish that we had an NHL team, but it’s nice to have a break from spending all my money on sports, I guess.

We ended the evening at McMenamin’s on Roy for a few rounds and some pub food; McMenamin’s Ruby is the best thing ever. And now, a crappy picture from my cell phone:


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