What happens now?

If you haven’t already, go and read this article on Geoff Baker’s blog about the liklihood of a  possible matchup between the Yankees and Phillies. I wanted to do a little writing before I take up the mantle of suck that is my homework for today…

During last night’s game, the Angels managed to pull themselves out of a tailspin, after Mike Scioscia pulled an angry John Lackey off the mound and replaced him with Darren Oliver, who proceeded to stomp all over Lackey’s lead. TV cameras panned in on Lackey, yelling “Come on, Scioc! This is MINE!”, but  Scioscia took the ball out of his hand and sent him packing. After Oliver gave up 4 runs to put the Yankees on top, it was reported that Lackey could be seen leaving the dugout; one can only imagine that Oliver returned to the clubhouse to find his street clothes in the toilet.  Had it not been for Joe Girardi’s use of Damaso Marte and Phil Hughes, the Angels might have been able to sleep in this morning; but Girardi put those guys in, and the Angels managed to rack up the final 3 runs that would win them the game.

Also of some amusement is that even after all the talk about the terrible umpiring in the ALCS, and the MLB finally saying something about it yesterday, there was still a ball called on Lackey that was definitely a strike; replay showed it was a strike, Lackey believed it was a strike, and the umpire went out to the mound to argue that it was a ball. As far as I’m concerned, if even my unknowledgeable eyes can see that it’s a strike, it’s a freaking strike. So while the MLB might do some shifting of umps, they’re still putting in bad ones; at least there is consistency there, if not on the field.

So now the Angels go to New York to try and either finish or get finished. I have been on Anaheim’s side because I am a sentimental sucker who loves a good happy ending. I don’t want to trot out the Adenhart thing again, but how would we feel as Mariners fans if it was, say, Doug Fister? It would definitely cast a pall on the season, and I think that Mariners fans would feel like the team should fight harder. So I enjoy watching a team fight for a ’cause’, if you want to call it that. If something can be compared to the movie 300, the battle between the Yankees and the Angels definitely can.

But what happens if they actually manage to beat the Yankees? I know a lot of people think that’s a crazy question to ask, but stranger things have taken place in this game. It’s also something that I as a fan need to think about; because if it’s the Angels and the Phillies in the World Series, I frankly don’t know what to do. New York and Philadelphia is a pretty easy call for me to make, but instantly turning on a team I’ve been for since the playoffs started feels sort of wrong. Do I want the Angels to win it for all the difficulty they’ve suffered this year, or do I want the reigning champions to take it because of Raul Ibanez? I almost hope that I don’t have to worry about it, that the Angels will simply crumble and make the decision for me, and I feel poorly for saying that, but it’s true. This may be more difficult than I thought…

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2 Responses to What happens now?

  1. Mike says:

    It really is about as bad of a scenario as it can get in my opinion. First, you have the division rival Angels in there. Winning it for Adenhart would be quite a story but I’m just having a tough time rooting for them and there playing the HATED YANKEES!! Then on the other side you have those hometown Phillies, and I think we’ve already established my opinion of those guys and their fans 🙂

    Well, on the bright side, I can always hope for better things next year…

  2. section331 says:

    Weird -this comment didn’t come through until today. I’ve been having some computer issues, though, so…

    I’m kind of glad the Angels are out of it. It will make the WS easier for me now, and I didn’t see Saturday’s game (couldn’t bear to watch it, really, after the others), but it sounds like the Angels really didn’t deserve the win.
    Oh well.
    They get the ALW championship label yet again, and they did it through struggle, even against us, so good for them.

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