The beat goes on

Nothing much has been happening lately in the Mariners camp, unless you count Ken Griffey Jr’s knee surgery, or Matt Tuiasosopo’s drive to help the people affected by the disaster in Samoa, or the fact that Yusei Kikuchi has decided against coming to the MLB. This last bit is only Mariners news in that the club was looking at him as a possibility; personally, I wasn’t holding my breath, and good for Kikuchi for being mature enough to know what he wants.

Football season is underway, and Seattle Seahawks fans are gnashing their teeth and pulling their hair out over the injury and subsequent grounding of hero Lofa Tatupu and the team’s 2-4 record.  Meanwhile, the Blue and the Rave Green are going to the playoffs. And so am I. This Thursday, I plan to brave the elements with a ton of other people to go see the Sounders square off against the Houston Dynamo. Some friends and I have lower deck seats, off the Brougham end of the pitch; but I will not be sitting with the ECS this time. As much as I enjoy that section, I’ll be content to stand and enjoy the game without jumping, yelling, or worrying about waving a two-pole. We may still take part in the pre-game march, however, because it’s fun, and because playoffs are a reason to celebrate, so why not march, too? I am glad that it takes place during a night where I have no school or anything else going on. Photos and video may be dependent upon the weather; I understand that it is supposed to be pretty bad out for the rest of this week.

Obviously by now everyone knows that the Angels got shown the door yesterday. Part of me is relieved; not only does it mean that I don’t have to agonize over whose side to be on during the World Series, but I can now resume viewing Anaheim as the opposition – and I’m fine with that. They fought, but they ultimately played poorly, and disappointed me yet again. I may be forced to never take up with them again because of it. It will be a welcome return to normalcy. Sadly, I will be missing the first two games of the WS because of class on Wednesday, and the Sounders game on Thursday. But this weekend, it’s ON.

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