Game 1

I tried to listen to a little of game 1 last night before class. My instructor came into the classroom around 5.30pm, however, and, as he says, one of the “hazards” of being there early is that you get to listen to him talk. I respectfully turned off the radio, but not before hearing the announcers refer to Raul as a “dangerous veteran”. Jeff at Lookout Landing wrote up some notes here, but also did not get the whole game.

I wound up out of class an hour early, after my midterm. When I got into the car, they were in the 8th inning, and the score was 2-0. That all changed as the Phillies loaded the bases, and Raul (RAUUUUUUL!) drove in two runs. I was driving over the West Seattle bridge at that point, and decided that instead of going home, I’d just take a trip around Alki and listen to the rest of the game on the radio.  The Phillies spent the 9th inning giving Brian Bruney and Phil Coke the business, and the Yankees scored only one run, in that last inning; Derek Jeter on a Mark Teixeira ground-out. The announcers reacted as if the Yankees were going to come back from a 4-run deficit with 2 outs. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes – with a bit of caution, perhaps, but eyes were still rolled.

The game ended as I pulled onto my street and into my driveway. Cliff Lee was briefly interviewed, and still sounded as calm as he must have been throughout the whole game. I booted up the computer at home to crying from Yankees fans and kudos to the Phils from those rooting for them.

Today, the weather outside is mean-looking, just like it looks like it’s going to be in New York. I am going to tonight’s Sounders game, and it will mark the first time that I’ve gone to a sporting event completely and ultimately at the mercy of the elements. There will be no rolling roof, no avoidance of the weather by dint of being in the upper deck. I am still having the internal fight over whether or not to bring my camera. If I don’t, I’ll wish I had, but if I do and it rains, I’ll be pretty angry with myself.  Maybe it’s time for a tiny makeshift rain jacket for my camera bag? I’m trying to avoid wearing my own raincoat, as it is far too large for me – but if the weather refuses to cooperate, then I’ll do what is necessary, I suppose…if you see what looks like someone’s head sticking out the top of a military pup tent, you’ll know it’s me.

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2 Responses to Game 1

  1. Mike says:

    the funny part about last nights game was how the Phillies fans are already telling me there winning the world series next year too…

  2. section331 says:

    Cocky little fellas, aren’t they? haha!
    Bringing it back to Philadelphia will likely help their case I’m guessing. While I might not enjoy the Phillies fans’ attitude there, they (along with St Louis) are likely the most supportive fanbase ever – or at least the most vocal.

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