Tuesday scrapple

…because I want to write about stuff, but there’s not much going on…

So against my better judgement, I watched game 5 of the World Series last night. There wasn’t much else on, I was caught up on my school reading for the day, and Tom was making my birthday dinner, so I figured why not? Much like a Netflix mistake, I can always turn it off when things start to go terribly wrong, right?

Fortunately, things didn’t go wrong at all; in fact, with the exception of a few scares late in the game, things went pretty decently for Philadelphia. Chase Utley continued his post-season insanity by hitting two home runs, one of which was in the first inning with men on base. That hit seemed to light a fire under the Phillies. The best moment by far came when Raul Ibanez hit a solo blast off Phil Coke in the 7th; so now I will always remember that Raul Ibanez hit a home run during the World Series on my birthday. Pretty sweet.

I don’t anticipate that the Phillies will win this. Maybe that’s the pessimist in me, I don’t know. They took one on New York grass, so maybe this will all be drawn out for longer – or maybe it will end tomorrow. If it ends tomorrow, I won’t be around for it; I have a night class, and while I can always listen to about the first half hour or so, I doubt I’ll be able to finish the game; and that’s alright. I’m trying not to invest too much into it; they’re not my teams, not my city, not my boys. Regardless of how much I would really love for the Phils to win, I have nothing really invested in these games, and I’m going to keep repeating that mantra until this is over. And it’s almost over.

In more Mariners-oriented talk, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I can’t even compartmentalize it into sentiment and practicality, because even my practical side is saying ‘yeah, but if he’s back with our pitching staff, maybe everything goes back to the way it was’. I’d like to think that Detroit was just a horrible nightmare as far as Wash’s skillset goes, and that if he was back here, it’d all come back again, and 2010 will be marvelous, and kittens and rainbows would fall from the sky (in this scenario, kittens are featherweight and don’t get killed by passing cars), and then playoffs, and winning, and all of Seattle rejoic- wait, what? Sorry, I got carried away. The truth is, I don’t know. I’m sure someone more handy with numbers could give me a million reasons why Jarrod Washburn should not come back to Seattle. I’m going to allow Mr Zduriencik and company to make that decision for me, and I’ll figure out whether or not I’m happy about it later.

Dave Cameron has a good article up over here. I haven’t been thinking about it a a lot or anything, but at this point, I am not really in the Milton Bradley camp. Bradley has had a colorful history outside of the game, and he obviously is not happy being in Chicago. I don’t know if he would fit well here – then again, Ian Snell seemed to be much happier to be in Seattle, so who knows. As they say on Brock & Salk, Don Wakamatsu is indeed a sort of Dog Whisperer personality, so maybe his calm attitude and dignity would be good for Bradley – because I can’t imagine that being around Lou Piniella would improve things for him. I still hold out a degree of hope that Silva can make the turnaround. His attitude has obviously improved  from 2008 with this last year; I’d like to see us get some work out of him for the price we paid, and I’d hazard the guess that Silva would like to work. Our pitching staff seem to be able to work miracles, and a healthy Silva might be able to benefit from that now that everything has clicked into place. I may be wishing for the impossible, but I’m a sucker that way. Plus, like Cameron says, the trade doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Cubs…I’m already impatient for 2010.


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