Randy’s Big Unit, and what am I thinking?

When there’s no baseball, I have the tendency to watch a lot of cooking/food, and travel shows. Fortunately for me, the Travel Channel has combined those in the form of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. The other night, they aired an episode in which Bourdain took a trip across the American southwest. He wound up at Alice Cooperstown. This place is in Phoenix, Arizona, a sort of rock n’ roll sports bar with a baseball tinge to it. The kicker? It’s partly owned by none other than Randy Johnson. The menu items are appropriately named with baseball and 70’s rocker references, but the dish that Bourdain tried when he was there was a hot dog referred to as “The Big Unit”, a dog that is 22 inches long and served on an entire baguette. I know that athletes being part-owners or part-investors in restaurants is nothing new, but I had no idea about this one. I did, however, know about the Pujols 5 Westport Grill

The recent talk about bringing back Washburn made me start thinking yesterday when I was driving back from school…what if JJ came back? He’ll be available, most likely; after such a rotten year, I doubt the Mets would be interested in keeping him, and they don’t technically have to. He’d come somewhat cheap. I’m guessing his age and recent injury history makes him a risk for closer for the most part, but as set-up for Aardsma? Is this something the club would actually do? Would Putz actually come back, since he seemed kind of annoyed that he was traded in the first place? Is this something I really want? Someone talk me down…

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6 Responses to Randy’s Big Unit, and what am I thinking?

  1. Craig D says:

    I think the chances are slim he will come back this year…there are going to be a couple teams that are going to offer him an incentive based contract that he could earn alot of money (not as much as he made last year).

    The Mariners are not going to be one of those Teams to be looking to do that….(well…if Trader-Jack trades away some bullpen for position players….then maybe)

    There is a greater chance the Mariners would sign Randy than JJ this offseason since they will be looking for a Lefty starter possibily. (Mr Snappy at safeco would be awesome)

    If the Mariners signed both….it would increase the average height of the team by a foot 🙂

  2. section331 says:

    You’re not talkin’ me down, Craig. LOL

    It’s funny you mention Randy, since USS Mariner just made a comment about that, too – I’d take Randy; but do you think he’d come back for one last hurrah? It’s my understanding that the organization and he didn’t exactly part on happy terms.

    If I had to hedge my bets, I’d say that JJ won’t come back. He may still be viewed as a closer by the Ms, and we have one of those, and we have him cheap. My main thinking was in regards to what USSM was mentioning a few weeks ago, about trading Lowe – then again, based on 2009, I don’t think JJ would be an upgrade in that department.

    Now I’m all giddy about what might happen next…

  3. Craig D says:

    And….I think JJ views Jack as the “Mr Evil” for trading him….and with it just being less than 12 months ago….
    Time heals wounds….but not that fast.

    So Come off the JJ Ledge……Batista might mistake as a signal for him to come back.

    I think the chances of Randy coming back, are alot better than most people think.

    The Thing I have noticed over his career, Is Randy wants to win and he wants to be wanted……

    The unhappy terms in Randy’s eyes, were because the Mariners never offered him a contract extension when Randy was publically stating he wanted an extension.

    Its kinda like the Felix situation right now….Imagine Jack saying….Felix…”even if ya want to talk about an extension…we wont talk until your contract is over,….because we know you’ll rant and rave and people will blame you and not us”

    If Jack targets him as a player he wants to go after this offseason……that standing ovation he got walking into the Giants dugout at Safeco last year will pay off ALOT.

    It really depends if Randy blames Woody Woodward (the GM at the time, Jacks position) or if he blames Chuck and Howard…….

    If he blames Chuck and Woody…….There is a better chance the Kenji comes back next year than Randy pitching for the Mariners.

    The Mariners are gonna sign/trade for a starting pitcher(s)….and Really good chance its gonna be a left hander. (or a talented right hander coming off of injuries that keep the salary down)

    I’m not getting my hopes up…its not like last year, where there was a 80+% to sign Griffey…..

    I think if the price of the Mariners first choices get too high…..Randy fits right in to the Mariners budget and He’s RANDY JOHNSON!!!!

    Talk me off the ledge……

  4. section331 says:

    Yeah, that would be something, wouldn’t it? I keep thinking he’s going to retire, or that he’s too old to pitch, when that obviously isn’t the case; he’s never talked publicly about retiring, and is still good to go with the arm, even if his velocity is down a bit…I think your ledge is fine – mine is a bit crazy, though, and you’re right; I’m guessing that JJ would look at setup as a further demotion from a team where he used to reign supreme – and having JJ without Thunderstruck would just be wrong…

    I’ve heard some whispers that Griffey’s agent will be talking to our FO soon, as well. Things could start to get pretty interesting here in a while.

  5. Arne says:

    My guess is Randy’s career is over, based on the struggle of dealing with accumulated injuries, including the shoulder injury this year, and him already having the 300 wins. But people have been saying he’s done for years. And 5000 strikeouts is within reach, though I doubt he’s much worried about that sort of milestone.

  6. section331 says:

    No, Randy doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who worries about much.
    USS Mariner was just talking about this the other day; he might still have a little gas left. I’m guessing if he refuses to retire and nobody else picks him up, the Ms just might think about it. I thought the idea of Jr coming back was a bit romanticized, and that it would never happen. Boy, was I wrong! haha!

    The injury thing is still a bit of a mystery to me; I am way skittish about keeping Bedard for this very reason, but it seems that there is still a demand for him, despite his past two terrible years. It looks like maybe it’s not just fans who live with blind hope in improvement…

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