“Stay on target…”

Erik Bedard, Endy Chavez, and Miguel Batista have all filed for free agency.

I don’t believe the Ms will try to retain Bedard’s services; I could be wrong here, but why risk another season of possible injury and the loss of his arm for a third year? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  I understand that there are risks involved with just about any athlete, and that injury is a very real possibility even for the healthiest of guys, but sadly, Bedard has been off the mound in Seattle far more than on, and in my way of thinking, it’s just not worth it for the team. If he can find another place to play and an organization that is willing to take him on, then good on him; but I feel we’d be better off looking to an Erik-free future. I’m not happy about saying that, but in this case, it seems the most logical move.

If we’re keeping Jack Wilson and our current outfielding lineup, Endy is no longer necessary, either. I wish him luck. Batista has made no public mention of retirement, and he might make some nice National League team a good relief or setup guy, depending.

Now watch; knowing my luck, they’ll keep all three of them…

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6 Responses to “Stay on target…”

  1. Slurve says:

    But I love Erik Bedard and maybe an incentive based contract would be better than a normal one.

  2. section331 says:

    I love him, too, Slurvey; but it might be time to let go. 😦 😉

    That said, make no mistake – I have no idea what I’m talking about – I’m just guessing.

  3. Craig D says:

    When I look at the list of “high-upside” pitchers that will be seeking incentive laden contracts…..for most of those (bedard, Harden, sheets) Bedard has the best shot of us signing them (well, unless Jack has decided the PR isnt worth it, and wants to put Bavasi influenced things to rest)

    Wish I had a crystal ball to predict which one will give the most/best innings next year.

    If the Mariners want to contend next year….they are gonna have to take some short term risks with Super Talent players, that have a high injury factor…..basically…if they pitch half the season….ya break even…..if they magically go injury free for the entire season, then the mariners are contending.)

    If they dont….then Angels will have won the division by the end of July again.

    Part of me just wants to say adios to Erik……..but the alternative is signing guys who are “good” with half the talent for the same price….and at best…..we finish a strong 3rd place if things go well.

    I’m actually more concerned about Jack Wilson……
    He missed 50 games in 2009 and 70+ in 2008 with similar injuries….

    Part of me thinks “Woo Woo, can wait for all the highlight-reel defensive plays”….and the other part thinks “please dont let him miss another 80 games, we dont have any shortstops in the minors”

  4. section331 says:

    I didn’t know about the 2008 injuries – couldn’t mini-Wilson stay and fill in for him if that was the case? Do you think they’ll keep Josh Wilson for insurance?

    You should work on the whole crystal ball thing – you could make a KILLING! 😉

    I think they can either buy or trade with Bedard to get a decent SP if they feel we need one…though now with this whole thing with Hanshin being interested in both Hyphen and Jak….yikes….things will get dramatic, I think…

  5. Craig D says:

    I dont think the Mariners will have much problem finding players volunteering to be the SS backup on the Mariners, or the insurance SS in Tacoma….
    the Mariners are probably gonna offer a couple of Non-roster invites to Spring Training for SS/Utility guys that can play an average SS.

    Gonna be tons of competition for Utility/SS guy….and Josh wilson will be in the Mix, I wouldnt be surprised if Jack Z made a minor deal for a player who play quality backup SS and filling at other positions (either that or a average SS with plans on stash him in Tacoma)….Kinda like he did with getting Cedeno last year….He wont trade away much, since last year he did that trade with the expectations of Cedeno challenging Yuni for the position, but this year, if they Extend Jack Wilson, it will be guarenteed he is the SS.

    I dont know all the ins and outs minor league contracts/major league contracts when it comes about going from the USA to other countries….but in general…Going to Japan for most Major league players…..well…they usually do it at the end of their career, or if they are “fringe” players who might spend 80% of the year in the minors.

    I’d be 99% sure Hyphen wont be going anywhere (unless he has a burning desire to never to play in MLB again, since usually once a player goes to Japan, the chances are usually they never play another inning in MLB)…….
    If he would have finished the year in Tacoma…I would be worried…..but he seems to be in the Mariners long term SP plans….Hyphen can see that.

    Jak on the other hand….If I were his agent….its something I would definatley explore….because….well…the Jaks, Fisters, and other pitchers who have the same pitching profile…..their career is usually 3-4 years at league minimum, and as soon as Arbitration kicks in where the Team would be forced to pay them higher…..they find another pitcher who is exactly the same to pay them league minimum…….
    I love the Jak Story…..but….If I were Jak…and Japan offered me more money for a multi-year contract….I would do it in a heartbeat….because he’s got max 2 years if he makes the team….and he would have to become a stud starting pitcher (be at least as good as Hyphen has been)

    But all being said….not sure how Players under Team controll contracts work…..I think they are year to year….(unless they are signed to a long term)

  6. section331 says:

    I still have a lot of confidence in Fister. Sure, he imploded in his first relief inning, but his starting endeavors after that all proved pretty decent. Problem is with that, I’m not sure if it’s good enough for a championship team, and that caliber certainly has to be something that the FO will explore this year. Jak is good until he’s really, REALLY not. It seems like a lot of our relievers are either super spot-on when they’re on, or just horrible when they’re not – there’s no gray area there – they’re either awesome or they suck on any given day.
    What I do like about this situation is that we at least have a good core to deal with, which I didn’t really feel in 2008 coming into 2009; then again, I don’t think anyone had super high expectations, really. Had our offense been just a smidge better this year, I have all confidence we could have come out over the Rangers.
    Speaking of offense, have any thoughts on the DH position? I was over at ProBallNW talking about the whole Griffey vs Sweeney thing with Jon, and I’m thinking we should cut our losses on the Griff and just take Sweeney’s bat and hugs…either that, or get someone who comes cheap and can really, truly hit in that position…but the available names I’ve seen, I personally am not terribly interested in…
    I’m so glad it’s not my choice to make! haha!

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