Yesterday’s post…

Apparently, yesterday’s news from NPB came as a surprise to at least one Mariner. I don’t really and truly believe the front office would deal Ryan Rowland-Smith, not at this point in time. And it doesn’t sound like RRS wants to be dealt, so that works out for everyone…my reaction was more of a ‘oh, hell no’ at the mere concept of not having the Aussie in our rotation anymore. I think I speak for many when I say we’re not ready for that.

The thing I need to once again remind myself of, now that the winter meetings are nearly here, is that our front office is stealthy. No leaks, no rumors, and moves come out of nowhere, ninja-like. If something happens, nobody’s going to know about it until an official announcement is made. I heard through a little bird (ie; Shannon Drayer’s Twitter account) that the Ms FO is interested in a long-term deal with Felix Hernandez. So that’s a bit of a bright spot on an otherwise dreary Sunday.

Now, to get ready to watch this Sounders/Dynamo game on KING. I’ve already seen several people I know on TV; I bet other teams’ fans get tired of seeing so much green and blue in their stands. Too bad. LET’S GO SOUNDERS!!!

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