Fun with rumors

A long time ago, before the printing press was invented, and when a vast majority of the population didn’t know how to read anyway, news was passed via word of mouth, and gossip and rumors (Jane Austen built an empire off of it!). Now that we have the internet, gossip and rumors no longer count as “news”, a term that has been set aside for more factual, evidence-based method of distributing information – but we do still love our gossip, don’t we?

MLB Trade is helpful for just this reason. When faced with no hard facts, we guess and daydream and…speculate! Delightful, delightful speculation…

Some of the whispers on the wind regarding the Mariners these days, via the Mariners section on

  • John Lackey! Wait, what?! I can’t say that this would be too terribly disappointing to me. Perhaps I’m just spurred on by the recent playoffs, and the fire that I observed in Lackey, while watching one of our greatest nemeses battle the Yankees. Lackey’s numbers have been good, and he is projected to do well by Bill James, whoever that is.* Obtaining Lackey can only be a good thing, as it would also give Lookout Landing plenty of fuel for posts about how he might or might not smell. If the goal really is to go World Series in 2010, I would not have a problem with Lackey being on our side – it’s certainly better than having to fight against him. That being said, the fact that it even made it on to MLBTR leads me to believe that we won’t touch him, mainly because our FO keeps everything locked down like Fort Knox.
  • Jarrod Washburn and Erik Bedard. While it wouldn’t be surprising if we attempted to retain the services of Bedard, it also doesn’t make any sense – and I think about this a lot, especially on Tuesdays, when I only have one class and it’s my easiest one…I would love to keep Bedard, if he remains healthy – but at the risk of repeating myself, it might be too high a risk for a team attempting to compete. The general consensus seems to be that we’ll let him go somewhere he wants to play, somewhere closer to home, maybe? As for Washburn, I’m still undecided, even on a Tuesday. It kind of feels like we upset the balance a little here by trading him; what I figured was a lock for the Tigers and their playoff efforts turned out to be not much fun for anyone over in Detroit, and that is a shame. But perhaps for Wash it really is a matter of being in Seattle with this particular pitching staff in this particular atmosphere. The good news is that his injuries involve his lower half, and not his arm. A bum knee can be a negative, but not as much of a negative as, say, a torn labrum…
  • Russell Branyan – yay! You won’t find any dissent on his return here.  I can’t believe that other teams never let him play as much as we did; then again, if they had, we may never have ‘discovered’ his talent. So yay, again!
  • Hideki Matsui – sorry, one massive hit in the last game of the season does not a contender make. Plus, the guy’s a little too weird, and tickling might be a bit awkward…All kidding and cattiness (is that a word?) aside, James projects him to do decently in a DH position, his numbers are good, and I think it would certainly give us an attendance boost, if nothing else. I don’t know what his fielding numbers might be like, or even if he’s capable of fielding to any useful degree anymore. I had heard a while back (2007, maybe?) that he had some knee issues that basically landed him in the DH position. A Matsui/Griffey DH platoon** might not be too shabby, now that I’m thinking about it…again, however, since it’s been talked about, it won’t happen. The first rule of Mariners trades is to not talk about Mariners trades…

Speaking of the Griff, they’re still talking. And I’m still waiting for the November 20 deadline on our free agency folks, with much anticipation. In sudden, just-posted-this-morning news, looks like we’ve made some offers to none other than Jack Wilson and Mr Branyan themselves, so that’s a good sign. Keeping my fingers crossed that the offers are either accepted, or that another agreement can be made. I don’t want to lose either player. While I didn’t totally expect it, I’m kind of bummed that nothing has come out so far about any sort of negotiations even being started with Adrian Beltre before the 20th. Do I just need to accept that he’s done in a Mariners uniform? I’ve been holding out, and in massive denial. Ugh.

*I’m fighting the power, relax, I know who it is.

**My grip on the bench situation was not as solid as I thought. Grr. Apologies, didn’t mean to sound like an idiot.

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