So not much news before I left for school, and now a bit of stuff.

Gold Glove awards were announced today. I can say this with 100% truthfulness and absolute conviction; I do not care. I don’t watch the Oscars or Grammys, or any other awards show. I don’t care what a group of journalists thinks about a group of guys that I spend a good portion of the year with. What I care about in baseball is that our guys do the job well. Ichiro’s accomplishment of getting a Gold Glove for the 9th year in a row is stellar, for sure, especially in a world with Shane Victorinos and Franklin Gutierrezs (Gutierri?); but that award doesn’t put baseball on my TV or on the field 5 miles from my house. That award doesn’t win the World Series or even make a .500 season. Sure, one of these bad boys probably looks nice on a resume, ups the trade value, gives an extra nudge when the Hall of Fame vote comes around, but really, the only person they mean -or should mean- anything to is the person who is awarded. I also find that they seem to cause nothing but problems visa vis’ people arguing over who should have gotten what. So while I think ‘hey, cool, Ichiro‘, I’m certainly not going to gnash any teeth over who did and didn’t get one this year. I’m just happy that the Ichiros and Gutierri of this world are ours, and I look forward to seeing them again come March. I also sort of dig the way that Brock & Salk were looking at it earlier today during their show – if Gutz doesn’t have a Gold Glove, then perhaps he looks a little less valuable to other teams, and thus there won’t be so much demand for him. Likewise, I’m thinking that Felix Hernandez should be kept out of the whole Cy Young thing for a bit longer…

It also appears that both Russell Branyan and Jack Wilson gave the thumbs down to the Mariners offers, so there’s that. I’m not in the mood to panic yet about this. For one thing, it just started today, and we’ve got some time. For another, I have no doubt that should both players wind up elsewhere, Jack Zduriencik has the resources to find replacements for them that will more than pass muster. I would like them to stay, but I get what’s going on here, and more power to both of them. You don’t have the first cocktail just because someone bought it for you; find out why first and what you owe them in return. I’d rather have both parties happy than the front office content with lack of spending, and the players resenting their stations for the whole year.

Eh, I guess that’s it. Unless something else crazy occurs, I plan to spend the remainder of my evening watching movies and trying to stay out of the rain.  Maybe I’ll go in search of some rum batter – this weather is miserable…

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