Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard…

Ken Griffey Jr pulls a Brett Favre. Then again, I guess it’s not a full Favre, as Junior didn’t decide to sign with the Angels or something.

I didn’t know I was going to feel this way until I read about it this morning, but like USS Mariner, I’m a little less than enthusiastic about this move. I really hope that we are not sacrificing wins for clubhouse chemistry. I do think it is possible to do both, of course, and I have no doubt that when Griffey is on, he’ll be on, but this move definitely gives me some pause. All I can do now is relax and hope that chimpanzee can come up with a good commercial for this one. I’m also going to hope that there is something else done this year that boosts this club.

At the very least, we can all take some comfort that this wasn’t dragged out for eternity like it could have been…

In other news, it looks like the Mariners might be trying to shore up some insurance in the event that Russell Branyan truly decides that their offer is not for him. I’m too annoyed today to get much into this concept.  Lyle Overbay projects a little better than Branyan (if I’m reading FanGraphs correctly), and he’s also all ‘local kid makes good’, being from the Centralia/Tenino area and all, so he’s got that going for him…if $7 million is “affordable”, though, I have to wonder what the unacceptable one year price tag was for Branyan, that he would decide to pass a first offer up…

I hate trying to write something when I’m cranky…


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4 Responses to Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard…

  1. Craig D says:

    Ummmmm….. I’m Griffey Neutral when it comes to most things….but Farve comparision? Even if Favre never played for another team, his actions and intension were set up to screw the packers Management….He’s the biggest Douche-bag ever in sports (and I dont like the packers at all).

    Griffey this year actually did the Anti-opposite-Farve…..
    Sign fast to help out the GM, so he can go about his agenda..
    Was neutral publically about possible coming back BUT, Everyone knew he was coming-back (didnt retire, un-retire, retire, intentionally retire Under contract, then un-retire After the draft to extort 15 million he was undercontract for against the salary cap with the sole intetion of screwing people…Douche-bag-Brett)

    Griffey essentially told/hinted to just about everyone he was coming back (Stone,drayer, and just about every media person was 99% sure it was “When, not If”)…..

    If anything….He did it perfectly… didnt drag out….got it done quick….he helped the organization get it done and over with….didnt retire and then change his mind.

    LOL….The Farve comparison really got under my skin….comparing Griffey to the Anti-Christ.

    The Difference between Griffey as the 23 player on the 25 Man roster and whomever would end up being that 23rd guy (the “optimal guy”)…..the difference is minimal….and people can argue all day long whats “better”
    $0.95 American Dollar
    $1.00 Canadian Dollar

    Without a crystal Ball….
    Since essentially Griffey is the 5th or 6th Outfielder on the roster…and the person who “would have” take his place, might play in the field 10 times for less than 40 innings defensively…..
    And if ya remove the names from the “stats” of Langerhans and Griffey this coming year….ya might as well flip a coin.

    And (with the exception of the Yankees), no team in 2010 is gonna be able to afford a potential all-star for the 23 guy on the roster.

    To me is just a Non-story….
    The way I look at it…
    If I cant tell you how much of an impact the 23rd man on the Mariners Roster had in 2005 2006 2007 2008 on Wins and Loss column compared to other 23rd Man that we “didnt sign” instead……..
    Well….its not gonna matter in 2010 or 2011
    If the Mariners lose the West by 1 game, then we “might” be able to discuss how Griffey cost us the playoffs…..

    But…Even by various Statistical Metrics…the MOST a 23rd Man on a Roster is gonna affect wins and losses with their playing time…is 1/2 a win.
    And…Usage of AAA Tacoma, and the starting players in Key Positions…..Has a higher affect on Wins and Losses for the Major League Team….
    When a player is injured for an extended period of time….MOST good teams “backup” for SS CF and other critical defensive positions…is playing in AAA…Not as the 21,22,23 or 24 guy.

  2. section331 says:

    Oh, no; I meant Favre’s retired-but-not-retired thing, not the thing with the Vikings – I’m talking about the part before he became Super Evil….I don’t think Junior is in any way shape or form trying to mess things up for us – he loves the game, he loves Seattle, Seattle loves him – it’s totally understandable. Plus, his family’s cool with it, so whatever. I just feel kind of like a sucker now for thinking I was watching the last of him…

    To you it may be a non-story, but the internet has EXPLODED today, and I spent most of the morning and early afternoon reading different stories about it – sadly, I have nothing but time on my hands today. Mostly, the opinions seem to be those of criticism from the SABR folks, and happiness on the part of casual fans, but there really isn’t anywhere I’ve been able to go online that hasn’t been talking about it…I just got inundated.

    I think the other issue with Langerhans is that he could field and does a fine job out there, whereas Griffey can’t anymore – it would have come in handy to have Langerhans available for emergency/injury situations, whereas now we have Bill Hall – the thought of which sort of terrifies me.

    I have no intention of NOT being supportive of this move, it just really surprises me, after hearing all the talk about how the FO’s intent was playoffs and WS and etc…I just don’t know if this is the right thing to do….

  3. Craig D says:

    The thing that gets the Mariners closer to the playoffs…

    Is what they do with improvements:
    the Starting 9 (8+DH)
    Top 4 Starters (5th isnt “as important”
    Top 3 Bullpen guys.

    Backup 200 PA DH/Pinch hit possition (What griffey spot he is taking)
    The back up infielder
    The Back up outfielder
    The 3-4 Bullpen guys who usually come in when we are already behind and it doesnt matter

    Its already been said that Griffey will essentially be “Sweeney” position at most…and….compare Griffey to all 14 other AL teams

    Griffey has very little determination if its Hall over Langerhans…..
    If the Mariners are looking to improve this offseason….One of them was not making the team anyways (unless the FO had Hall penciled in as 3B over Tui)

    Langerhans making or not making the team….is going to be determined MORE by bigger moves in the offseason NOT “should or shouldnt Griffey”.
    Because the only way the Mariners make the push for the playoffs, is by Bigger Roster moves/signings/trades…..
    And if that happens….Lagerhans was either going to be the 4th OF (because the mariners went crazy and traded Saunders and replace LF with a Stud) or Packaged Lagerhans in another trade.

    Even if Griffey Retired…..
    Langerhans being the “4th or 5th outfielder”, DFA’d or in Tacoma…… Depended More on Jack Z’s offseason moves of the Starting 9 than who is gonna be the Part Time DH.

    I like Langerhans…..But Bill Hall isnt going anywhere because of the contract (even though its mostly being picked up by the Brewers)….

    Signing Griffey didnt “hurt” the mariners playoff chances…
    It doesnt keep them from getting the “real” players that will have an impact on the Wins/losses next year.

    As for Emergency inury situations for outfield that everyone seems to want to freak out about….
    If the Mariners finish in 2nd by one game, because Rob Johnson has to play LF for one game…..then it would be a difference maker.

    As Far as Injury, where an outfielder is hurt and needs to go on the DL…..thats why EVERY Team stashes the “real 4th outfield” in AAA….Thats what Saunders was last year when Chavez went down.

    Too me all the people freaking out one way or another….Its just Stupid…..
    Every Team usually has the “Pinch hitting Lefty who doesnt play much defense”….and most of those teams make the playoffs.

    Griffeys Roster spot in 2010 is going have near-zero production difference of someone else talking his spot in potentially making the playoffs.

    The way people are freaking out, its like they annouced Griffey was going to play CF instead of Guti, and was going to Pitch instead of Felix.

    People seem to care more about a guy who is gonna spend more time on the bench than any place else (thats why they call them bench players, because they spend 90% of the time not playing during the year)

    I dont think people will survive if the change the starting lineup or sign a starting pitcher….

    People seem to think bench players are more important than who will start as 1st,2B,3B,or LF….any of those 4 are gonna have 95% more affect than if Griffey is the 4th or 5th Bench player.

    Breaking News*******
    Half of Seattle dies from heart failure when Tui is announced as starting 3B instead of Hammerhands.

    Its like people blaming 2008 on Willie Bloomquist

    Its all just silly

  4. section331 says:

    I don’t think bench players are *important* per se, but it does help to at least have a strong bench – and if that is the only capacity that Bill Hall is going to be used in, that gives me a bit of pause. Bill Hall is like Ibanez in left field, he is very high-strung at the plate, and not much of a hitter, just based on 2009’s tiny example. Obviously if this changes then I have no problem with him, but we need offense like crazy, and while having Griffey may be a slight negative in that department, Bill Hall doesn’t do much to turn that around.

    I just think that people are concerned about offensive production this year, and so far, we’re not batting a thousand, pardon the pun. 😉

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