Thursday links

Because there is no news, and I don’t do analysis.

It looks like Jim Riggleman has finally been pegged for the managerial position with the Nationals.  Good for him. Hopefully, even despite their recent troubles over the past two seasons, it’s a better situation than it was here in 2008. I always felt sorry for the guy, having to deal with that mess. Unfortunately (and I didn’t know this until I looked it up just now), it looks like the Nats did worse this year than they did last by a game or two. While I find the strategy of losing your way to the World Series via first draft pick enthralling, I’m sure some Nats fans would like to see them win some games. Pull it out for the Riggs, guys, come on!

Larry Stone on how the universe might implode if Hideki Matsui and Ichiro were in the same city together, and about how we may still be trying to win a dream date with John Lackey.

Ryan Divish on various reactions to the Griffey resigning.

Derek Zumsteg tears into the Yankees payroll argument some more (love it, love it!)

Jeff Sullivan talks a little about Jack Wilson’s offense in words that I can’t put together on my own, but completely understand. Give Wilson a chance, everyone – he’ll come around eventually.

I’ve gotta say, I am just about dying without baseball. Dying, I say! The next three-ish months are going to be absolute torture, news or no news…

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