Giving a little bit of thanks before eating myself into a coma

Killing time waiting for class when I don’t feel like studying for that class makes me want to write, and listening to Kevin Calabro on 710 ESPN talk about what people are thankful for got me thinking. Yeah, I’m thankful for my friends and family and my health and the fact that I’m alive – all that is very well, and you’d be an unfeeling jackass not to be thankful for those things, and be thankful for them every day that you’re alive enough to take in air. But I have something else to be thankful for; the Seattle Mariners and baseball.

Before you go rolling your eyes, let me explain myself.

When I decided to quit the band that I was in back in 2005, it was with a sense of apprehension. I had identified myself as a musician for a good part of my adult life; that was just what I did. It was who I was. Originally, I had intended to go back to school back then for veterinary medicine, but money and distance prevented me from taking that responsibility on at that time. Finding a job and graduating into “adult” status was more important, and at the time I had a really good job doing contract work at Amazon. I applied for the position there to be a full-time employee, but despite working my tail off with 18-hour days, quitting my band, never seeing Tom or my friends, and a ton of other sacrifices I made for the position, I was told by the hiring manager at the time that I “didn’t want it badly enough”. I walked out the following Monday. But I still needed work, so I started looking for a temp-to-hire position, which I eventually found until lay-offs back in late 2008 (me and the rest of the city of Seattle).

Meanwhile, however, I was bored. I spent some time booking a tour for Tom in 2007, but at the end of everything, I decided that I was tired of the flakes, double-crossers, and general superficiality that makes up the underground music scene (Tom being a huge exception, of course). As baseball gradually started to take hold of me and my interest in watching games started to grow, I started writing about it (I used to write when I was in high school, just small works of fiction, then graduated to non-fiction for college-level English courses in my late teens; but I quit in favor of music). The more news stories, books, and blogs I read, the more I got involved in the game, the more able I was to write about it; and when my friends told me I should write about it in a more public forum, well, this happened. And now, there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about the game, the players, what I can say/write about it, what I can read about it – and I have baseball itself and the team I follow to thank for that. I needed a way to express my artistic side, and writing about the team and the game has given me that in spades.

So yeah, I’m thankful for baseball, and I’m thankful that I live in a city with a major league team. I’m thankful that there are people who care enough to drop my little corner of the internet, and I’m thankful for all the new fan-friends I’ve met (even if only online) because we all share the same love of baseball and the Mariners. Without all of this, I’d probably just be another frustrated musician, bitching about writer’s block and how much “the scene” sucks – instead, I’m a frustrated blogger bitching about trades and how much losing sucks. Frankly and honestly, it’s a switch I can definitely live with.

I’ll be spending tomorrow with friends (my family is a bit too far away for this holiday), watching a little Green Bay Packers football and probably a bunch of other games, trying to not stuff myself silly, and being thankful for everything I have had (a closer named JJ), do have (2010 to look forward to), and will have (many years of Felix! Riiiight?).

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are you thankful for?

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5 Responses to Giving a little bit of thanks before eating myself into a coma

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    There are several very professional blogs about the Mariners, with interesting stats and thoughtful analysis. I enjoy reading them, even when the discussion gets over my head.

    The main reason that I enjoy checking out your blog because it is more about your feelings about the team, instead of an argument about stats. It is a game after all, and it should be enjoyed.

    Personally, I am thankful for good health, good friends and good beer (although not in that order). And am really thankful for Trader Jack! Now I can be a Mariners fan without having to wear a bag over my head.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. section331 says:

    I do learn stuff from the stats blogs, it just takes longer to sink in because of all the math. LOL

    Have a great holiday! Hopefully they don’t go all wacky with news while I’m in Bremerton today…

  3. Dave says:

    You and I aren’t all that different! I grew up with both parents playing music (local bars etc) first band at 13, which lasted 2 years and a couple of cd’s. I blame puberty for breaking up that band ha. A few side “punk” bands during highschool, i found myself in another serious band a year out of highschool. We would play a lot of local bars up here in Bellingham, but would travel down to Tacoma to play with some bands down there also. I eventually had to give it up also, i have been in the Title Insurance business since i was 16 (scanning entry level work) and much like you the 12-15 hour days can drain/leave little time for anything else. I also realized the band, while fun, will not make the money i need in life ha. Anyway enough of my story, just thought it was interesting we share that background.

    I also enjoy your blog for the simple fact it’s from a fans perspective. Not that the stat blogs are not, but i love reading about how a player/team makes someone feel. Not how someones K/B or OPS is the worst thing since cancelling Seinfeld.

    These blogs along with an understanding of some of the advanced stats has made baseball more than just a sport for me, i start my day with these blogs, i get random thoughts of a great trade concept during the day (most of which i forget before i can write down) and i count down the days to MLB Network Coverage of AFL games, winter meetings, Spring Training reporting dates etc.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and here’s to a great blog for an awesome team. GO m’s

  4. Slurve says:

    @ Dave I tried Grunge with a bunch of other friends I was a Bassist/Vocalist I loved it but my friends liked the mroe mainstream type of rock so that died… It’s funny because I think I was a better fit for a-Ha than Bush. Soft rock and piano has now become my specialty but those are just for funsies than seriousness.

    I’m thankful for all the blogs that covers the M’s we have one hell of a blogosphere.

    I’m also thankful for the injury that made me take a couple years off from HS pitching and just relaxing. I ended up finding soccer and maybe becoming a male nurse and singing and dancing like they do on Scrubs hahahaha…

    I’m thankful for all this food that I’m going to eat and thankful for the Doctor that will pull me out of the coma.

  5. section331 says:

    @Dave – the world of music is not one that loves you back, sadly. Sometimes sports doesn’t either, but it’s a bit easier to take, since it’s not like it’s a personal investment; I’m not putting time into playing sports, just watching it – not as huge a deal as throwing money and time into something with little to no return. Thanks for your very kind words. 🙂

    @Slurve – I always wished I could play piano. I did decently at keys for several bands, but that’s quite different than actually playing a piano; my job was atmosphere more than melody.

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