Detective work

Is there anything more painful than the months of dark winter with no baseball and rampant rumors? I submit to you that there is not.

The winter meetings are right ahead of us, and Shannon Drayer and Matt Pitman will be there to cover it for 710 ESPN, but that is still at least a week and a half away, and does us all no good now. So what to talk about? The simple answer is, I have no idea. The made-up I’m-bored-on-a-Sunday-night answer is; Chris Jakubauskas’ mystery tattoo!

Like several other folks worldwide, I am on LiveJournal;  I also belong to one of the many photo posting groups there. While going through some files from this past season looking for one of my better pitching shots to post, I came across a picture of Jak in the ‘pen adjusting his hat. I’ve seen this photo a few times, but today I noticed something on his left wrist:

My Photoshop skills are not wiley, so I could not isolate and crop it large enough to see just the number, but in-house enlargement shows that it’s IV IX MMIX, or 4/9/2009. After talking to a few folks on Twitter (and using the power of Google), it has been determined that his MLB debut was actually on the 8th of that month, so now the question that is, what is the significance of the 9th?

See? This is what happens when there is no baseball. Maybe I should go back to 2008’s offseason plan of watching Eight Men Out and Field of Dreams during the cold months…

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5 Responses to Detective work

  1. Craig D says:

    His Debut was the 8th and his 1st Career Win came April 10th….

    So Maybe he couldnt decide which to get tattoo’d, so he compromised on the day in between the two 🙂

    My Guess is…..he got it done months later….was drunk….and told the artist the wrong date 🙂

  2. section331 says:

    haha! One suggestion from someone on Twitter said that the tattoo artist maybe didn’t know his or her Roman numerals. We may never know. I figure if I get truly desperate/bored this winter, I’ll email Shannon Drayer and see if she knows…

  3. Slurve says:

    LiveJournal is kinda sketchy at times…

  4. Dave says:

    ^^ i am going to go ahead and say the artist messed up ha.

  5. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    The date of his first pie-in-the-face from Junior? Maybe not …

    I dunno, the tween date seems a bit odd, but maybe Shannon knows the answer. It would be a great Mariners trivia Q&A if you do get an answer.

    Hoping for some good news at the Winter meetings.

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