Happy Arbitration Day, and goodbye BBT

Today is the last day for the Mariners to offer arbitration to Adrian Beltre and Erik Bedard. Much like Mike Salk, I, too, say yes to Beltre and no to Bedard.  Much like MLBTR’s Tim Dierkes, however, I, also, believe they will not offer it to either of them. Dave Cameron thinks they will because it’s low-risk for the team, and while I would like to think that Beltre will accept it and stay here another year, I just don’t think they’ll even bother with it.

I, however, am likely wrong, and this is why I don’t gamble.

There really is nothing going on lately. Even the writers at mariners.com are so bored, they’re writing articles about Christmas shopping.

Lastly, of some interest and a bit of sadness to me personally is the fact that Jon at ProBallNW (formerly bleedingblueandteal) is calling it quits. This information is a few days old, but significant to me, nonetheless. Had it not been for Jon, I never would have learned about the inverted W, and would have glazed over pitching mechanics altogether (not that I pay a whole lot of attention to it anyway, but it’s likely something that might not have ever been in my mental vocabulary without BBT). I totally understand his reasons for stopping, but I considered his input to the blogosphere valuable, and will miss his writing. Good luck in whatever you choose to do next, Jon.

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