No more shooting of the Messenger?

Maybe not.

And if you can’t read that, here’s what NPB Tracker has to say on the subject. Messenger will undoubtedly be a hit in Japan for his size alone; after getting in line to have my baseball signed by him last year, I discovered that Randy Messenger is possibly one of the largest human beings ever manufactured.  I hope the ouendan give him his own song. Will keep an eye on the development there…

I watched the New Orleans Saints game today while finishing up one of my school workbooks (I only have two more finals before I’m done with school until January), and I’m not positive, but I believe they lost, their first loss all season. Now the Seahawks are on, and are sort of holding their own against the San Fransisco 49’ers, but I will not be surprised if there is another loss today. Tension seems high between the teams, and there have already been several episodes of pushing and at least one attempted fight between Deion Branch and some other guy in the first quarter.

There is also a RedWings game on today at 4pm PST, so I’m going to WingMasters to check that out with some friends. Dear Lord, I miss baseball…

And I should try and be more proactive about getting folks on my FaceBook page. It turns out it’s kind of a cross between this and my Twitter page, but baseball-focused specifically (whereas some personal and conversational things wind up on the Twitter page). So if you’re on FaceBook, come and start some conversations about the Mariners! Write on the wall! Correct my baseball ignorance! All the cool kids are on FaceBook!

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