Well, this is going to be fun

On the eve of the winter meetings, Dave Cameron has created a handy dandy list on Twitter for following our local baseball press, and keeping USS Mariner’s servers free from the crazy. For my part, I don’t really remember this much excitement in Seattle surrounding the meetings last winter. There was anticipation, sure, but this feels like gearing up for a really large party, or going on a first date.

It is disappointing that Jason Bay rumors still abound, but maybe this will work in our favor – everyone is going to think we’re going for Bay, and we’ll come out of it with something far superior under everyone’s noses, and out of nowhere. Because Jack Zduriencik is a ninja, and that’s how he rolls.

The RedWings won, by the way, after the Seahawks managed to pull it out of the bag against the 49’ers with only a little bit of time left on the clock. Detroit’s win was more than a bit sloppy, slow-moving, and frankly not very exciting, but the food, beer, and company was nice, at the very least.

I expect to wake up to untold amounts of online chaos tomorrow morning. Bring it on, I’m ready!

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3 Responses to Well, this is going to be fun

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Somehow I’m having a hard time picturing Trader Jack as a ninja, but it is a very funny image!

  2. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Today I finally broke down and signed up for Twitter, and am now receiving Tweets from 8 (!!!) different sources about the Mariners. Kinda crazy, but think it will be fun.

    Beltre, Figgins, Branyan … ai caramba! Hope something happens soon.

  3. section331 says:

    If you want to really increase the insanity, get on the MLBTR tweet feed, too – information has been popping out like confetti from that one. 🙂

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