Joseph Jason moves to Chicago

Looks like my favorite redhead is going to throw for the South Siiiide. That will give me 7 more possible opportunities to see him than last year. Unless of course something happens and he spends this season injured as well. The White Sox were wise, though, to give him a year and $3 million. He still gets paid, and they don’t lose much if he winds up spending 2010 on the DL. Plus, he’s a little closer to Detroit in the windy city. I don’t know that those pinstripes will do him any favors,  (is it just me, or do white uniforms with stripes put on about 30 pounds?Yeesh!) but we already know he looks good in gray.

I sure would like to see the Mariners make some more moves. The St Louis Cardinals have just made a formal offer to Matt Holliday, but he’s a Boras client, so that’s probably not over yet. If we’re still looking for a power bat, they might want to do it soon – unless of course they’re waiting out the market. Things are awfully quiet today so far…

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6 Responses to Joseph Jason moves to Chicago

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Well, the M’s did make one move today: Ryan Langerhans was not offered a contract. 😦

    I’m still hoping to hear about signing Lackey, Johnson and/or Branyan. 😀

  2. section331 says:

    Heard about that, not too sure how I feel about it. So far, Bill Hall has done very little to prove to me that he should be here. I’m having a difficult time understanding why we’re not keeping Langerhans, but I’m sure they have their reasons. I would love for Hall to change my mind.

    As for Lackey, just heard he’s looking for 5 years. I don’t know if we can or are willing to do that. Four maybe. It’s been too quiet lately, I’m waiting for a shoe to drop…

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    It is kinda quiet. Oh well, better that watching football … dang Houston anyway!!!

    Any thoughts on Adam LaRoche? Baker is suggesting him as another alternative for first base, and his stats look interesting.

  4. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    that = than

  5. Craig D says:

    Hall has a Guarenteed contract for next year, so they would still have to pay about 1.2 million if they dropped Hall….

    Langerhans was Arbitration eligible, meaning the Mariners had to either offer him a guarenteed contract set by an arbitrator OR non-tender him.
    Bascially….Even if the Mariners would like him to stick around….they didnt want to have the Money guarenteed.

    Mariners can still hope that Langerhans Accepts a minor league invite deal (those arent guarenteed, and if they are…its ALOT cheaper…example…major league deal is 400K+++ a minor league deal is in the 30-40K range….and at most 150K in certain situations.

    And Hall is “willie bloomquist” role…Langerhans cant play the infield.

    I hope JJ has Lots of success….but not against the Mariners

  6. section331 says:

    I don’t know much about Adam LaRoche, and generally tend to hold off on really looking at the stats until the deal is done; kind of like finally reading the instructions on a new stereo when you get it out of the box. I’m not quite ready to take that one seriously just yet – it was only a quip over a phone call, and there haven’t been any major mentions of anything involving him at all, to the best of my knowledge. He projects decently, his OPS is high…but he was also moved around a lot last year, so that’s kind of curious.

    I’m totally willing to give Hall the benefit of the doubt, just like I want Silva to succeed as long as he’s in Mariners blue. I didn’t mind Hall’s infielding, and some of his outfielding was alright; not stellar, but decent…I think it just concerns me because the key word this year for next year seems to be “offense”, and it just feels like maybe we’re not going to get that done. I know we have several months left

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