I’m going to go run some errands now. If I come back and this turns out to be a dream, can someone slap me real hard?

EDIT: as of nearly 4pm PST, it appears that the guy to slap me might just be Lee’s agent.  If this is some sort of elaborate “playing dumb” on his part until announcements are made, it’s pretty lame.  You’re the guy’s agent, how do you not hear about something of that magnitude? Saying you haven’t heard anything from any of the three teams when news like this comes out is kind of akin to saying you don’t like cake while walking towards the cake store. Granted, you might not be going in there, but you’re headed towards it. And if it’s not accuate, how does something like this get out to begin with? If the Mariners’ side of the story turns up false, I may actually cry. A little. Maybe just a sniffle; in any event, I won’t be happy about it.

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4 Responses to CLIFF LEE?!???

  1. Craig D says:

    Jack Z is a Ninja!!!

  2. section331 says:

    I’m still waiting for them to say that something is off here. I have a few more hours of cleaning to do, maybe by the time dinner is ready, there will be some sort of verification. I guess Halladay has to pass a physical or some craziness.
    Man, there are going to be some very sad teams this year. hahahaha!

  3. Craig D says:

    Its one thing to Add Lee to the team….

    But the beauty of the deal is No Halladay or Lackey for the Angels……

    I might have to buy a new Mariners Jersey with “Zduriencik” on the back.

  4. section331 says:

    I’m willing to bet they would sell at least a few….

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