What a day!

I’m going to try and yap about this a little bit before any further news comes down and renders it all meaningless…

I was waiting for the Big One, some sort of crazy shocker move that would happen when everyone else was looking the other way. Chone Figgins was a huge surprise to begin with, but what else could they possibly do? As of this morning, John Lackey was taking a physical in Boston, and the deal was pretty much done there. I was a little bummed about that – even though Lackey and the Mariners hadn’t been mentioned in the same sentence for at least a few days, it was something that I thought might happen just out of nowhere – the press would be looking at Boston, then Lackey would wind up in Seattle out of the blue.  It was obvious that starting pitching is one of the priorities (they’ve said as much), and I really didn’t think they’d bring Jarrod Washburn back, regardless of what the rumormongers were saying. So what could possibly happen, with Lackey and Rich Harden off the table?

Cliff freaking Lee, that’s what.

In a deal that is still being ironed out and has caused Twitter and apparently USS Mariner to explode (Dave Cameron Tweeted earlier today that the site was down, and Cliff Lee’s name has become a trending topic), Roy Halladay is going to Philadelphia, and Cliff Lee is being traded from the Phillies in exchange for some of our farm. Phillipe Aumont is the only name I have heard mentioned in a more concrete way. Brandon Morrow and Michael Saunders are also names that have cropped up, along with some lower-level farm guys I can’t remember just off the top of my head, but neither of those names seems to have a lot of pull so far in this whole scenario.

I can’t say I’d be too happy about losing either Morrow or Saunders. I love Michael Saunders, and I’d like him to remain firmly planted by the left field wall. Losing Brandon Morrow I definitely have mixed feelings about. Morrow has shown enough flashes of brilliance in the past to make me want to keep him, but the on-again/off-again thing is just too much. Maybe consistency will never come, I don’t know. I feel like there is still potential there, and if it exists, I’d prefer it be on our side. It’s probably just best not to not even worry about it until it happens, if it happens.

There is an article up at mariners.com that kind of cools the fire a little bit with a hefty dose of ambiguity, but the fact that there are already well over 700 comments on it leads me to believe that people are generally excited about the move, even if the top few comments so far are just guys (because you know they’re guys) arguing and throwing numbers at each other. If it all comes out to be accurate (I understand there is a press conference tomorrow, so I’m guessing we’ll have to wait to get any word on this for sure), the move really and truly demonstrates what we were told at the last USS Mariner event; that this front office is absolutely serious about winning, and will make the moves necessary to obtain that goal. Not that I ever disbelieved their sincerity; but having someone tell you something is one thing – watching it unfold in front of you is quite another.

Other random bits: Mike Cameron is in talks with Boston as well (Cammy had been brought up last week by several people as a line on their wish lists), and it looks like Hideki Matsui has come to some sort of agreement with the Angels’ front office, making him an even bigger thorn in our side, and leaving Vlad Guerrero out in the cold. It would very much surprise me if Guerrero turned up in a Mariners uniform in 2010. It would also make my baseball life a very scary and confusing place, where up is down and black is white, and there are Angels in our infield. *whew!* Best not to even think on it…

If you haven’t already, come join me on FaceBook, or Twitter. There is some discussion of fashioning a “Tweet-up” (lookit me, with my fancy tech-talk!) during the 2010 FanFest coming up here in January. Go Mariners!

EDIT: Things got crazier while I was eating dinner. Joe Blanton? JA Happ?! Carlos Triunfel but not Saunders? I have no idea what’s going on, but man, would I love to have some closure on this…

EDIT: 6.10 PST  Now Aumont may not be involved at all. This is starting to make me think that the Mariners might not be involved as much as was previously reported? This is killing me, let’s get this done ASAP, please!

EDIT: 8pm PST  Now Tyson Gillies is grist for the rumor mill, and more skepticism is entering into things around the blogosphere/Twitter. For my part, I am simply going to convince myself that either it’s not going to happen, or we’re getting Joe Blanton instead of Cliff Lee; it’s the only way I’ll be able to sleep tonight…

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5 Responses to What a day!

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    WOW!!! Been following the tweets all day at work, hard to get anything done. Cliff (freaking) Lee on the M’s sounds pretty good to me.

    Guess we’ll have to see who ends up getting traded, but adding Figgins and Lee is mighty impressive. Ninja Jack indeed. What will he do next??? 😀

    Go M’s! In Z and Wak we trust!

  2. section331 says:

    I can barely keep up on everything. The more the names get shifted around, the more I fear we’re just going to wind up giving Michael Saunders for Joe Blanton. Ugh. hahaha!

  3. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Freaking incredible. I have got to go to FanFest this year!!!

  4. section331 says:

    Hopefully the guests won’t be as awkward as the Tyler Walker/Aaron Heilman combo from last year (‘oh, you guys just got here? yeah, sorry, we’re gonna need those jackets back’).

  5. Bart's Evil Twin says:


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