Is it Christmas morning or something?

I just woke up to more news – the hazard of sleeping late, I guess. I’m still trying to get some coffee in my mouth-hole so I can operate properly, but I can’t really sort thoughts right now into coherent paragraphs with leading sentences and much structure, so put on a seatbelt, we’re going in for a water landing…

Ryan Langerhans was resigned. I’d link to the story on USS Mariner, but to spare them the annoyance of sending the 5 of you to their server, there’s more information here, at MLBTR which seem to have a little more power. Then again, nobody’s getting their news from me, so you’re likely aware of this move. I like Langerhans, and I’m kind of glad he’s back. It may be just an insurance signing, but that is good enough for me – maybe we win the PCL and the West this year.*

There are loud whispers on the wind of a Carlos Silva/Milton Bradley swap. It’s done! Carrie Muskat of seems a bit sarcastic about this move on the part of the Cubs, and well she should – we got the bigger end of the stick.  I’m not going to lie, though, this bothers me just a smidge. Bradley is well-known for being “difficult” – he is also well-known for being “good”, so I’m going to take everything with a grain of salt. Plus, if he turns out to be a downer, he’ll have to suffer the wrath of Ken Griffey Jr’s tickle torture. Some things stick in your mind though; I just remember watching him fake getting hit by a pitch during Opening Day in 2008; he limped to first base, and when it was determined by the ump that he hadn’t actually been hit, turned around and walked back to the plate, limp-free. The reason I remember this specifically is because it marked the first time I was truly interactive with the people sitting around me, who all saw it, too. Like I said, I’ll wait to see what he has to say; maybe this is what he needs. Seattle is nice in the summer, we’re by the sea, there are no rain delays, and people will likely be into the trade. As I type this out, I’m already sort of getting into it, myself. Getting FaceBook updates from the Brock & Salk page, I can see that people are genuinely excited about this situation, if simply for the fact that Z was able to trade Silva to begin with.

Brandon Morrow is still viewed as a trade chip, and Adrian Beltre and Russell Branyan are still not completely off the table. Branyan was told to test the market, and I think he may find it an inhospitable place. Nobody loves him like we do, and I don’t think any other front offices completely “get” his value – but I could be wrong; while my assessment of him is based purely off what I see, others are likely looking at the numbers, possibly seeing 2009 as a fluke. I say Branyan gets some back exercises in, and high-tails it back to Seattle. I would have to doubt that Beltre comes back – with Chone Figgins massive contract, and Beltre’s massive asking price, never mind the fact that they both sort of play the same position (unless Zduriencik is planning on a Figgins/Bradley LF platoon – in which case what happens to Saunders? Now I’m just confused). I like the whole “extension with Gutierrez” part of that headline, however…I think. We have him until 2012, and if the analysts are right and 2009 will not be repeated, it gives me a little pause; I mean, he’s not Ichiro, but as long as he stays in shape through his early 30s…eh, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, so long live Franklin Gutierrez as a Seattle Mariner!

I never got properly excited here about the Cliff Lee thing, but rest assured, I am. His opening interview didn’t sound all that friendly, but if someone called me when I was trying to vacation in Puerto Rico, I probably wouldn’t be all that jazzed to talk to them, either; especially if it meant I was going to have to move again within the next few months, away from a team that had just gone to the World Series. Then again, he also gets to come to Seattle. Philadelphia does have the Mutter Museum (which is awesome, by the way), but Seattle has fewer police helicopters looking for errant basketball players while you’re trying to have a barbecue in your friends’ backyard. I’m just sayin’.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with all of this, and I am still stunned – my initial reaction featured a lot of largely un-spell-able noises, some of which wound up on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, I think some of us are in the beginning stages of forming a “Tweet-Up” – or whatever the kids are calling it these days – at FanFest, on Saturday the 30th. My hope is that Jack Zduriencik will be there so we can give him the hero’s welcome he most definitely deserves. So come on down if you can, and celebrate with us!

*I’m not trying to be cocky, but this offseason has been absolutely nuts.

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