Bits and pieces

This time of year is always the slowest and most difficult. Unless you’re following the minors guys or the whole winter ball thing (which can be difficult to do without certain cable channels), there’s really not much going on in the world of the Seattle Mariners. So, some scraps that I find interesting…

  • I discovered today after calling Comcast that the MLB Network isn’t all that expensive. I happened to click on it while channel surfing this morning, and it displayed with a notice that “This channel will be available shortly”, rather than the “You don’t have access to this channel” message that we normally get. So, in the interest of being thorough, I called and spoke to a nice lady who told me that no, it’s not part of our current cable package, but it is available and can be added for around $7 per month; some additional 15 channels, she says. On the eve of going back to school (Winter term starts tomorrow), and with the money I’ve spent for the holidays and our NYE part, it somehow seems a little less than wise to toss out more cash for a TV channel – however, there is a tiny voice in my head saying “But Monsieur, it’s wa-ffer thin!”. I need to talk to Tom, we’ll see how far this goes.
  • Before New Year’s Eve, my “favorite” catcher and his brother were arrested at an NBA game for fighting with a third party. It’s funny how that whole fighting thing only works within the safe confines of the baseball diamond, isn’t it? And supposedly assaulting security guards, even! Good work, guys. Brandon Laird better hope he doesn’t Matt Bush himself out of a future. Yeah, it’s only one incident, and will likely have little impact on him so long as it’s only this once; but it seems like fame and alcohol often dance the Dance of Joy around certain people, and some don’t learn their lessons. When Milton Bradley has to restrain you from fighting, something is wrong. Some day, I’ll give up this anti-Laird thing. Some day…
  • Poor Edward Encarnacion’s brother got a little nutty with the fireworks on New Year’s Eve and Encarnacion suffered some 1- and 2-degree burns. It sounds like he’ll be OK, but ouch! I went to school with a kid who constructed a homemade volcano with gunpowder from his father’s gun cabinet. It was several years before his hairline grew back. Here’s wishing Encarnacion a faster recovery than my classmate had.
  • Our dear friend Aaron Heilman (alas! We hardly knew ye!) is now in Arizona, doing some relief pitching for my randomly-chosen NL team (I really need to get that whole NL thing truly sorted out). I had completely forgotten that I have Heilman to thank for Garrett Olson and, by extension, Jack Wilson and Ian Snell. Hopefully for the D-Backs, Heilman provides the help they require. I may have mentioned this before…
  • Things may be looking up for Edgar Martinez, who is getting a fair amount of love from the Hall of Fame voters. Of course, there are still those shortsighted folks who don’t know any better, but if Edgar makes it in, I guess I can forgive them. Eventually.
  • Ryan Divish has a funny article up with his 10 Mariners-related New Year’s resolutions.  Personally, I already dress enough like Ichiro, and would like to actually increase my hot dog intake this year (I really need to make it to PoDog sometime soon)…I’d just like to go to at least three games this year; with my finances, that is all I’m really asking for (and likely all I can afford to “resolve”).

That’s about it. I will likely spend the rest of my day today reading or watching football or hockey, due to the abundance of cold weather and gray clouds outside. Next Saturday is the USS Mariner event at Benaroya Hall, though, so that’s  definitely something to look forward to.

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1 Response to Bits and pieces

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    For some weird reason, Aaron Heilman is in my Top 30 or so All-Time favorite Mariners players….I know it will fade…But he looked good in Mariners Teal and Blue on the side of Safeco…..for a couple days.

    Edgar is not gonna make it this year, and probably not next….but as long as he can come in around the 50% mark for votes….good sign…
    Oddly its the fan driven and analyst driven support after the intial voting year that makes a HUGE difference…
    (75% necessary for entry into HoF)
    Steve Garvey Got 41.6% votes in his 1st year
    Bert Blyleven got 17.5% votes in his 1st year

    Steve Garvey last year to get in was 2007 and he didnt make it.

    Bert Blyleven got 62.7 in 2009 and its gonna be Real close this year if he makes it (still has 3 more years to get in)

    It looks like the Chicago, New Jersey Sports Writers and USA Today Hate Edgar though (currently 3 yes and 17 No’s from those 3 sources) and the Rest of the USA is running about 6 to 5.

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