Looking for another ticket to the USSM event this Saturday

I know this is massively short notice, but I am looking for a ticket for a friend who wanted to go. Unfortunately, he was out of town during the original order, and I didn’t have the shells to cover him when I ordered mine, so we are currently hoping that someone can’t go – and I know that sounds really mean, but it’s not meant to.  Brandon has been to the past few events with me and has enjoyed them. He will be happy to reimburse you, and come and pick the ticket up, provided you’re not too terribly far away from Tukwila.

I realize that I may be barking in the wind, but I figured it was worth a shot. Reply here, or give me a holler at snowlion23 at gmail.

Wow, we actually found one! Thanks to a fellow Lookout Landinger…Landinger? Landingite?…anyway, yes, ticket procurement is in the process of being arranged.

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2 Responses to Looking for another ticket to the USSM event this Saturday

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    If ya know anyone who has an extra they arent using, let me know.

    The only two days I’m not infront of the computer, are the days they sold out 😦

  2. section331 says:

    Craig – try Lookout Landing, there’s a thread for it – that was how we found ours. USSM also has the ticket site link up, and I guess if you continue to try that, you might be able to snag someone’s refunded ticket. Other than that, I sadly don’t know anyone. We’re lucky to have gotten ours; it makes me kind of worried for the future of the event, to be honest- the more people there are who don’t get that it’s supposed to be a more confidential situation, the more risk there is that we won’t be able to go to any more of them.

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