Fridays at SafeCo

I was going to do this last Friday, but New Year’s Eve being what it was, decided to spend my time doing as little as possible.

I’ll be trying to make Fridays at Safeco 2010’s regular weekly feature, since saying something nice about the opposition with every series got a little difficult after a while, without resorting to picking one player that I might have liked on a team. With this feature, I will post 1 picture minimum, 3 maximum. They will be presented with commentary if I deem it necessary, because some photos I have taken just don’t require it. So here’s the first installment!

Roy Corcoran, at 2008’s FanFest, drawling and grinning his way through fan questions and Rick Rizzs interview on the dais over the first base dugout. He was still so new!

The bullpen standing for the National Anthem, on one of the last games that Erik Bedard threw in 2009. I got lower deck tickets for this game for $20 a pop the day of the game. It was blistering hot that evening, probably around 85-90F, with no breeze. It was also the debut of the first helmet (between Aardsma and Lowe on the ground).

Jamie Burke, waiting for bullpen warmups late in a game towards the end of the 2008 season. This is the picture I think of whenever someone says “2008 Mariners”. Burke looked tired that night, and he was wearing the expression of the stress and frustration of that year. Standing down there and taking pictures, listening to the fans around me yelling at both the Angels’ bullpen and ours, the tension was palpable, and a lot of the Seattle guys just seemed to want the season over and done with. If memory serves, this was taken during an Angels game, which means they were swept in Oakland the series before, and lost this series, 3 games of 4.

I’ll try to not end them on a downer note next time, I promise.

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