Slow Tuesday

I was debating talking about the McGwire thing, but have decided that I’m not qualified (not to mention, it’s a self-imposed no-no); I wasn’t into baseball when that happened, and all I remember thinking about it when I was seeing the “news” everywhere was that two guys were trying to break some record, and that baseball must be really easy to play, because hitting home runs was so simple for these two. It is obvious that McGwire just did this before the 2010 Cardinals season so that he wouldn’t have to deal with it all year long; at least, that is the way it appears to me. I mean, come on – deal with the fallout from an admission for a week, or deal with suspicions about yourself and the team you coach for 6 months? Seems like an easy choice. The thing is, this could all be put to rest if these cases were treated like the felonies that they are, and all players who took or take anabolics are treated the same; but I doubt we’ll see that in my lifetime.

Enough of that – I don’t need more of a headache than I already have…

On to bigger (in my world, anyway) and far, far better things…this was mentioned at the USSM event, and I debated saying something about it, but realized that Dave Cameron had not actually mentioned it in public, so even though it was talked about under the blogger panel side of the show, didn’t feel comfortable talking about it here. But Cameron has finally let the news out. And he’s right, it will likely be the best $13.99 I spend this spring. I think perhaps the article I am looking forward to reading most will be Shannon Drayer’s on Ryan Rowland-Smith, with the other top two being Art Thiel’s and Matthew Carruth’s. Maybe stuff Geoff Baker’s in at a close 3.5. Anyway, one more reason to look forward to March.

I’m still not entirely convinced that whatever I’ve been dealing with since Saturday night is a head cold (yesterday I could have sworn it was allergies), but it made me miss Mariners Mondays last night, so now I’m angry at it.

Wow. After searching a ton of links, there is really very little to talk about today, unless you want to tackle anabolics or the Seahawks new coach. I do not. Maybe I’ll do some online shopping for a fedora. Some of us on Twitter have been discussing a Dave Sims hat night sometime this summer…

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2 Responses to Slow Tuesday

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Read about the book on USSM and LL, and it sounds great! Definitely will need to buy a copy.

    New layout is fine, but typing the comment text is difficult – it looks like is was written in about a 3 point font!

  2. section331 says:

    Yeah, this is a little awkward. The thing is, they took away half of the layouts that they had available for having a custom header, and I don’t get why. If I knew more about computers, I’d just host it myself/have the layout changed, etc. Maybe sometime in the future, but I have the payment for this for another year (and couldn’t afford a move anyway). I don’t know. What a weird crop of software…

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