I got a complaint (a polite one, of course) about the layout here, so we’re going to go with this one for a while, and see if it makes things any better. I changed the layout due to another Mariners blog that was using the same one; I’m not blaming them for choosing the nicest layout available, but would indeed like my own blog to look different. If we weren’t writing about the same team, I wouldn’t really care all that much.

Unfortunately, this site comes with some limits; all I do is pay for the URL here. I don’t have any control over the layouts, other than to choose one of the 78 that are offered up by, and my preferences – a custom header, two-column layout, page options, and borders around the photos – are limited. The type with this current layout seems easy to read, and there are nice shaded photo borders.

So we’re going to go with that, and see what happens, hope it is nicer for everyone.

And, just because I’m in the mood:

Photo courtesy TheRealMariners Twitter account.

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8 Responses to Ch-ch-changes

  1. Kim says:

    Dang it! I totally forgot Sims and Co. were gonna be in Spokane yesterday. I could have brought Dave a hat.

  2. section331 says:

    Yeah, the Caravan is going on now. I guess today they’re in Walla Walla, but the schedule is here:

  3. jdwink says:

    The new/latest layout change is MUCH easier to read than the previous one. Thanks!

  4. section331 says:

    jdwink – Are the comments working out for you alright? They are in a pretty small font, but the response space is also a lot bigger. I’m kind of halfsies on it, really; I just want the main page to look decent. πŸ™‚

    • jdwink says:

      Well, the comment box font is pretty small, but then I don’t comment all that ofter on anyone’s blog, and it is readable enough. A little bigger would be nice, if it’s not too hard to do.


      • section331 says:

        They’ve changed the reply function on me, as well. πŸ™‚
        I have checked into it, and I can’t change the font size in the comment boxes. They’ll let me download a font package for the actual blog, but not for this section. I may yet change the layout, as I’m not 100% sold on the weird gray/black thing, but we’ll see.

  5. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    Here’s my 2-cents πŸ™‚ Just because I am in one of those moods πŸ™‚

    It is easier to read overall with the color (even though I would always say I prefer white stuff…I have to admit the darker background does make it easier to read)

    I didnt even notice the comments/replies were smaller font (I actually thought they were bigger actually)

    Well..maybe ya meant the “thing” ya click on to expose the comments….if thats the case…yeah…I had to look a bazilllion years before I found it (slight exaggeration)
    Kinda tiny actually.

    The Reply box is nicer.

    The picture….
    Maybe I am wierd…but Every time I see a pic of Dave Sims…I get this odd Feel I want to Hug him….strange.
    And if ya Add Jack Z on a Dolphin on top in the Middle….well…thats the only thing that Picture could be cooler.

    Oh, and the “Section 331” in the banner on the top with the baseball pic…..
    I cant remember if it was red with the white background (if it was, it worked well)….
    Maybe its the font style…or the color in relation to the site color….
    I dunn0…it doesnt look right….
    Well…the more I look at it, it looks “more right”…I dunno…just ignore than.

    And….the Content as always….is Top shelf.

  6. section331 says:

    You flatter me far too much, Craig. πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can change the font…maybe I should check into it.
    I think I’m OK with the comment section – I just want people to be cool with the main page.

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