Vote for Seattle Mariners 2009 Play of the Year

At this link, you can watch several highlights from last year, and pick your favorite. I voted for the Tuiasosopo/Blowers home run. I don’t know if it was the call itself, the home run itself, or the fact that our broadcasters were giggling in the booth like little girls, but all of it contributes to one of the most memorable moments. Ichiro’s walkoff against Mariano Rivera is currently in the lead, and while I have to admit that was possibly one of the most awesome things I’ve seen a Mariner do, Tui’s called homer was just special – plus, it made national headlines! Watching the clip, I think the most hilarious thing is that Tui has no clue what just happened in the booth, and gives his high-fives in the dugout, completely unaware that he’s just made national news.

Just for everyone’s general information (and in case you don’t check the website on a daily basis, like a crazy person me), the Mariners Caravan is currently taking its winter trip around the state (as the picture in a previous post indicates), and the dates are located here. Looks like Garrett Olson and Doug Fister are the Ms on duty this year, along with He of Many Hats Dave Sims and, of course, the Moose. Today was a stop in Walla Walla. Some day, I will have neither school nor work to prevent me from going to one of the public appearances. Some day…Looks like Mike Carp joins them tomorrow.

Also, and this is more for me than anything, but they’re taking pre-orders for the Mariners Annual. We’re all good little kitties, though, and know this already -and all of us who don’t have budget constraints currently have pre-ordered our copies, right? Riiiiight?

Forty-eight more days until Spring Training games start. Forty-eight!!! Less than two months! I would mark the whole pitchers-and-catchers reporting thing, but unfortunately, pitchers and catchers reporting doesn’t put the baseball in my eye-and-ear-holes. School will impede my ability to listen to games in their entirety, but I am just about ready to tap a vein here, and will take whatever I can get. Come ooooon Spring Training!

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