Wednesday bits and pieces

This is going to be boring, don’t read it.

It looks like Milton Bradley’s year in Seattle is starting off on an interesting note. I don’t care what Cubs fans (or anyone else, for that matter) might have to say about this situation, and whether or not this is even an issue is between Bradley and the leasing company. I just find it another fascinating link in the long chain that is our new DH/outfielder/etc.

Everyone seems overjoyed about the Felix extension, including his teammates. Not that you can possibly blame them. Rob Johnson was on the Brock & Salk show yesterday, singing Felix’s praises and talking about his own road to recovery. The guys nicknamed him “RoboRob” because of his many offseason surgeries. Say what you want about Rob Johnson, he is nothing but class in interviews, and I enjoy listening to him talk to Brock and Mike. I hope he truly is recovered, and is back on his feet (or in the crouch, as it were) for Spring Training. If he was truly playing injured for most of last year, I’m keen to see what he can do when he feels better. The whole double knee surgery thing makes me apprehensive, but I’m certainly not wanting to deny him the chance. And if he’s the guy Felix needs behind the dish, then so be it.

We also avoided arbitration with Brandon League. I’m not 100% comprehending the arbitration process, but it seems strange that we should be saddled with dealing with it and a player that hasn’t thrown a single pitch for us yet. I know that there are rules and contract issues, and sometimes it doesn’t matter where the player is, but it still seems weird; like getting paid for work you haven’t done yet, which doesn’t happen for the rest of us, for the most part. Baseball is a strange, strange business.

I drove past SafeCo on my way home from school yesterday. Five players that are no longer with us are still up on the west wall. FanFest is two weeks away (in Pittsburgh, they call it PirateFest! How cool is that?). I’m hoping they at least get Chone Figgins a photo up by then. So far as I’m aware, Cliff Lee won’t be slipping into Mariners blue until the week before FanFest – how long does it actually take to get a giant plastic photo window adhesive made up and applied? Someone needs to get crackin’!

In where-are-they-now news, ex-Mariner Jeremy Reed got a minor league Spring Training invite to Toronto, while Sean Green plans to stay with the New York Mets, wrangling up a slight raise in pay. Good for both of them. I still miss Sean Green. Not to say that I don’t miss Reed’s slides in center field, but Green was relief monster, and even though I’m sure we’ll be fine, it’d be fun to have him back under circumstances that don’t require him to kill his arm every other day because we have no choice. Then again, $900,000 isn’t bad, either…

Lookout Landing has a podcast up now, which they plan to make a regular part of the blog. I have not yet had the time to listen to it, but will likely give it a shot tomorrow morning. I got to ditch my math class today, “ditch” as in “drop”. Through a misunderstanding and some fault of my own, I discovered that I didn’t actually have to take a math class this term, or any other – and this is just fine with me. Stress levels subsiding. Baseball around the corner. All right with the universe.

EDIT: I also understand via several Twitter folks that Callix Crabbe is on his way to Toronto as well. I cannot find any links to verify, but two people who follow our minor league system likely know what they’re talking about….?

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7 Responses to Wednesday bits and pieces

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Well, at least Bradley will be an interesting addition to the team. Hopefully he will be able to help the Mariners offense a bit, and Junior can help him fit in here.

    PirateFest – That is a really cool name! Wonder if you have to wear an eyepatch and say “ar matey” if you want to attend.

    The podcast was interesting, but I had trouble following it since I was on 3 different Mariner’s blogs at the same time. Can’t wait for FanFest!!!

    • section331 says:

      Yeah, I’m just going to sit and listen to the podcast tomorrow sometime.

      As for Bradley, I just hope our press corps is kinder to him than those in Chicago. It seems like people want to hold these guys to a higher standard for whatever reason, and they’re just people like any of us – they just have a higher profile job. I’ve never quite understood that dynamic. I’m wondering whether or not people will come over trolling from the Cubs forum if this turns into something larger, since they’ve already tried it once before…
      As for PirateFest,. I have to think they have more than a few people showing up dressed as pirates…then again, I think it’s fairly cold in Pittsburgh this time of year, so maybe they keep the “Yaaarrr”‘s at home until the spring. 😉

  2. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Well, maybe there should be a group of fans wearing gladiator helmets to FanFest. What do you think?

  3. Kim says:

    Cliff Lee presser today at 3pm-WOO!

  4. Kim says:

    Hilarious-the time stamp here is fast by a mere 8hrs-typing this at 7:55am.

    • section331 says:

      Yeah, I can’t figure out what the deal is with their time guidelines. My stat day ends at like 4pm. I think their servers *might* be in England – unfortunately, whenever I try and mess with it, it gets worse. :/

      I’m sad, I will likely not be around to see/hear the Cliff Lee thing – I have a ton of errands to run today. If they have it on ESPN, I’ll try and listen…

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