Fridays at SafeCo, special edition

I am looking forward to this weekend like nobody’s business. Tom and I are going to give PoDog a try for lunch today, my friend Jenny is making us Cincinnati chili for dinner tonight (if you haven’t had it or even heard of it, seriously – get thee to a recipe book and make yourself some – you’ll thank me), and Sunday features an entire day of football games with friends, one of whom is very much into the Saints, which has generated a bandwagon-y Saints fandom for me, and spending a day yelling at the TV with your friends is always fun.

Since I’m in a pretty good mood this morning, I wanted to do something a little different, mainly because I have these photos to post in the first place. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?…

It’s 2007. It’s the top of the 9th inning, and the Mariners have a 2 or 3 run lead. It’s a gorgeous summer night, and the Ms have spent the evening working their way into their leading score, despite Raul Ibanez’s gaffes in left field. Maybe Felix Hernandez was the starter. Maybe it was Miguel Batista. Richie Sexson was going downhill, but he wasn’t at the bottom yet, and Ichiro was running center field much like his successor would two years from now.

All of a sudden, all the reader boards, the score board, and a few other lights in the stadium go out  with a dramatic “click”. For a few seconds, the stadium goes quiet. The people sitting next to you, who have never experienced this before, wonder aloud if there was a power outage. Then, there is a loud “whoosh”-ing noise, a low rumble through the PA system, and the jumbotron starts up again:

The beginning hammerons of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck are broadcast loud enough to drown out all the other noise in the stadium for a few moments, JJ Putz jogs out onto the field, everyone goes nuts, and three batters later, the Mariners emerge victorious, and you walk to your car into the night feeling like you’ve just seen something really special.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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