Fridays at SafeCo

It is gray outside and in the lower 50s, but that does not make it any less of an excellent day. I’m already debating hot dog vs. garlic fries during tomorrow’s festivities, and arguing with myself over whether or not hot chocolate or coffee will be the better thing to drink tomorrow in the cold. Per, it looks like it’ll be raining, and the only thing worse than cold weather in Seattle is cold damp weather in Seattle. I have two Mariners blankets – one is a woven Ichiro throw, the other is a giant pink fleece thing with the Ms logo on it . Though I generally frown on pink clothing in sports (unless you’re under 12 or over 50), that pink fleece blanket is the best thing for cold sporting event situations ever, so I will likely be toting that around, too.

But enough of my inordinate spazticity regarding the upcoming weekend (I am trying not to sound like a loon over how excited I am for the next 48 hours, I really think my blood pressure has shot up a few points today alone), on to some snaps!

I’ve probably used this before during the original game post, but figured I’d use it again. Jarrod Washburn’s last game. It was a nice warm evening, and a gorgeous pink sunset over the Sound. That’s Ichiro sliding back to first to beat the pickoff (and he did, of course), with Overbay’s foot off the bag.

At the 2009 mid-summer USS Mariner and Lookout Landing event. The game was against the Rays, it was the first time Doug Fister set foot on the hill, and despite the fact that we were losing our shirts, the Moose still came up and banged his sign on the railing and led a little bit of cheering. Because that’s his job. Or her job. Its job?

Erik Bedard launches a warmup pitch at Rob Johnson (insert joke here about how a lot of people want to launch things at Rob Johnson). I wish the ball had been a little clearer in the shot, but it’s not really something you can ask for. I got better at taking these sorts of pictures as the season progressed.

I’m not sure exactly what I can/should mention and what I can’t/shouldn’t at the moment, but I may have some really cool (for me, at least) news coming up soon about a future blog post in conjunction with an actual game. I’m really psyched about a discussion I had last night, but need to nail down some further details before I mention anything here, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope to see some of you at FanFest over the weekend. I will be rocking my JJ Putz jersey, and around 50 sweaters to stay warm. This will be the best FanFest yet, I think, and I’m super-stoked about it. The 2010 season is getting better all the time. Believe Big! Also, in case it hasn’t been talked about much, there are now Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee “jerseys” (the dark blue t-shirt variety) in the Team Store. I saw a picture of them with my own eyes from Bill Wixey’s Twitter account. Keeping my fingers crossed for an Aardsma…

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