Fridays at SafeCo

If you ever have occasion to go to Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle, a word of caution; watch it. I enjoy a good beer as much as the next person, and good beer is what Beveridge specializes in. Unfortunately for me, a lot of that beer is either Belgian or Belgian-style, which means it tastes like fruit juice, and packs quite a whallop; I compare it to being punched in the face by a kitten. Not for the faint of heart. Or people such as myself, with low tolerance to alcohol. I am paying for my transgression. I highly suggest going there, just be careful, that is all I ask.

So, today’s photo batch…

I will eventually be committing this one to a frame. I have a similar one of a ball and the rosin bag in the bullpen. I absolutely love the texture of the dirt with more solid objects on it, and if there is something laying in the dirt in the bullpen, chances are high I have a picture of it.

I sat here and waited over an hour last year to make absolutely sure that I obtained my copy of the second Mariners commercials DVD. I’ve never voluntarily waited in a line that long for anything in my life. I still haven’t watched it.*

This was one of the last games against Texas last year, and we obviously won (and Ichiro is smiling!). Jessica and I were sitting some very good seats down front that night, courtesy of a friend’s employer. I have no idea what is happening in the lower right hand corner, but I’m willing to bet good money that Mike Sweeney is somehow involved.

Yesterday, I neglected to mention something of severe importance. The Everett AquaSox apparently do a fundraiser for their Community Fund every year called Root Beer Float Night. This involves the first 500 fans in the door getting a free AquaSox mug, and $5 inside gets you root beer floats all night long. Let me repeat that; for a measly five bucks, all-you-can-consume root beer floats! I’m on that like a raincoat on a pug. The exact date is not yet announced, but Pat Dillon told me they were shooting for a Sunday in July, which is perfect.

*I will be fixing that before this season starts.

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