Are we there yet?

Yesterday, of course, was the SuperBowl, and now begins the grinding wait between that last gasp of air by football, and the first day that pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (I’m probably just going to keep capitalizing that). The SB was good, and being able to watch it with a good friend who has been a Saints fan since childhood was a nice way to finish off the season for a sport I technically don’t really care all that much about. If nothing else, I got my yearly dietary recommendation of Cheez(tm) in, so I was accomplishing something.

Most recent news is Cliff Lee’s bone spur. I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on that article, and they broke my brain. A bone spur is the same as  a torn shoulder labrum? Ok, guy, whatever you say…I’m just glad Lee’s getting this taken care of now so that he can come to ST, rather than waiting until later during the season when it would cause him to miss a few starts. He’ll miss a few days of stretching and some calisthenics, he’ll live and so will we.

I’m fully committed to riding the Bedard train, since it was formally announced a few days ago that it was a done deal. Hearing he wants to be here is great, hearing his contract is more attuned to his physical condition is great, Erik’s great, things are great. If this happens, I’ll be fine with that, too. I’m done being skittish over decisions this year, and I plan to just roll with it. If they decided to bring Brad Wilkerson back, I might raise one or both eyebrows (or it would just give me a heart attack and make the worrying a moot point), but it is so very obvious the front office has no intention of letting us down this year. I’m getting that warm snuggly feeling I got last year when we hit .500.

Funny story, just briefly; Tom is currently on a tour in Europe with his band. As anyone who’s read this for any length of time knows, he’s not a huge sports fan. At one show he was at, one of the opening bands did a cover of Zombie Nation’s Kernkraft 400, and earlier today (late at night in Germany), he and his bandmates were watching some music videos on TV, and Kevin Rudolf’s Let It Rock (my ringtone and Mariners introductory song for a lot of 2009) came on. No matter where you go, you can’t escape the Seattle Mariners!

Mariners Mondays is on tonight, of course. It’s a game in May against the Oakland A’s, and it makes me miss Mike Sweeney, his occasional home runs, and his old-man trot around the bases. Looking back at the fact that it took me a while to warm up to Sweeney, I never thought I’d say that, and it makes me kind of happy.

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6 Responses to Are we there yet?

  1. Slurve says:

    Yes a bone spur in the foot is the same as a torn labrum.

  2. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    The Bedard Train is a great move.

    Even if he gets hurt even before throwing 1 pitch this year…The Mariners paid essentially the same thing as another guy they would have on the 40 man roster in his place.

    If he pitches well….we get him for a steal of a Deal.

    If he pitches poorly…Then the Mariners can do several of the follow
    1) put him in the pen, (unlikely…but interesting idea)
    2) DNF–If the mariners do this…he doesnt hit the incentives and costs us nothing

    In either Case…the 6+million that was budgeted for Bedard…that he would never get if he doesnt pitch well….

    Well…End of July We will know exactly where Bedard is working out or not…and if he isnt…
    thats 6+ Million more than any other team has available (minus the Yankees) for a trade deadline deal for someone.

    Jack Z has a plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

    The More I think about the Bedard deal….its a no lose deal….

    I hope he pitches well….and if he does…Felix/CLIFF!/Healthy-Bedard
    thats an unstoppable Trio in the Playoffs.

    • section331 says:

      Whatever pisses Steve Kelley off the most is what I want the Mariners to do. LOL
      I’m only half-kidding.

      I wasn’t sure about this move initially, but now that it’s done, I am just gonna lay back and take it – they wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t like what they saw from his medical records, so there is no reason for anyone to be concerned. It’s like the dorks flipping out over Lee’s bone spur. A 6 week recovery period vs. a year? I’ll take the bone spur, thanks…

  3. section331 says:

    Slurve – won’t let me respond to you this evening for some reason.

    I was being sarcastic, yes (just for future reference, sarcasm is extremely common for me) – and you were being sarcastic, so we are both on the same page. *whew!* 🙂

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