Eric Byrnesblog

Apparently, Byrnes has a blog at, the same site that houses Ryan Rowland-Smith’s blog. There’s nothing on it at the moment, but it has been updated to reflect his acquisition here, so there’s that…David Aardsma has a space reserved there, but that is not updated at all, either. Mark Lowe’s is even less updated than Aardsma’s.

I do wish more players kept blogs, but I totally understand why they don’t. If I lived as busy a life, I probably wouldn’t do this, either. But I’ll update my links and hope that eventually Byrnes decides to post something, as I have the feeling that anything coming out of him is going to be entertaining.

I am so putting off going to sleep this evening. G4 is running a programming segment called Movies That Don’t Suck, but I think the irony is lost on them that they’re currently showing something with Jean Claude VanDamme in it…

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6 Responses to Eric Byrnesblog

  1. Slurve says:

    You leave JCVD alone he had a couple good/decent/not-street-fighter movies.

  2. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    Chuck Norris would Kick JCVD booty.

    I’m surprised Byrnes would have time at all for a Blog….
    That guy does more TV and radio than just about any other player.
    (He use to be a Regular Guest Host on Best Damn Sports show on FSN alot)

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