FSN Spring Training schedule up

FSN will be airing three Spring Training games in March. They are all on at times when I will be home and around to watch. As it is, it looks like a lot of the afternoon radio games will just be starting as I’m getting out of class. Obviously, it’d be far more awesome if FSN could play more of the games, rather than the same rehash of the 2009 Seahawks season, or the 11th rerun of “50 Best Sports” whatever, or any basketball, but I will happily take what I can get. Very happily.

Not much news lately. Gaby Hernandez (I got an autograph last year during the playoffs) has been claimed off waivers by Boston. Hernandez was nothing great, nothing awful, but he was a Rainier for a while, as well as part of a PCL-championship team, so I’ll miss him for that, if nothing else.

Jarrod Washburn and Russell Branyan are still floating on the breeze. I’m ready to love Casey Kotchman and Ryan Garko, but I’m a little cranky at Russell for not taking the Mariners offer when he had the chance. As for Wash, maybe this is a signal that the retirement he’s mentioned in the past needs to come to fruition? Then again, I wouldn’t complain if he could come back and fill in for a bit while Erik Bedard got healthy, and then could finish off his career as a bullpen guy, like Dave Cameron suggested a while ago. In fact, after having read Cameron’s post for the second time, I think that’d be a super idea; go out with a left-handed bang.

Not much else to talk about – just sitting around waiting for news and for tickets to go on sale. It looks like my school schedule next term will not interfere at all with either the Mariners or Rainiers home openers, so I’m even more geeked up for things to start than I was before. These next two-and-change weeks  are going to drag like Neighbors.

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