More Sweeney

I’m just sitting around waiting for friends to show up for this evenings’ watching of the Olympics opening ceremonies, so have been poking around the internet. Turns out I should have poked around a little bit more before having any sort of reaction to the whole Mike Sweeney situation, because I had no idea that the Mariners front office had offered him a coaching position before making the minor league move. And I have to further admire Sweeney as a guy who just wants to play ball as long as he can, and harbors no illusions about the fact that he may be done as a ballplayer. With all the ego and posturing normally seen in sports, that degree of humility and work ethic is refreshing. The hilarious thing is, I remember disliking him at the beginning of last year, and now, I can’t believe I felt that way.

I just want to say for the record that if Mike Sweeney decided to take a coaching position in the Mariners organization, I might actually do a little dance in the street – and that would be difficult, because our street is really busy. But for Sweeney, I’d do it.

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4 Responses to More Sweeney

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    Sweeney said if he doesnt make it on a Major League Roster…He is going to take the year off, so the earliest he would accept a coaching position is next year. (hope he changes his mind).

  2. Althanan says:

    Just don’t get hit while you dance and it’ll all be good 😛

  3. Nick Emmett says:

    Hopefully, Sweeney will hit well enough in spring training for a team to pick him up.He was pretty good as bat off the bench last season.

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