Wait, what just happened?

So, you’re going to a party where you know that the main goal of everyone there is to just get plowed and have as much fun as humanly possible. There is a lot of booze in the kitchen. A lot. There’s a band and a few kegs set up downstairs, and the whole place is just geared for a good time. The thing is, you don’t know that many people at this party, so you’re a little self-conscious, and you don’t want to drink too much because you’re responsible for getting some friends home at the end of the night.

While you’re downstairs trying to get your first beer out of the keg, you don’t prime the pump enough, and all that comes shooting out of the spigot is foam. Lots of foam. It gets all over the front of your clothes, and all over the carpet on the floor. You don’t know anyone downstairs, but get the distinct feeling that you need to clean up the carpet, so you take off your hoodie and kind of mop up the foam, which is now sinking into the piling and staining the carpet with Black Butte Porter. Figuring you should get some paper towels, you put your sweatshirt back on, damp, take your cup, and start going back up to the kitchen to get something to clean up with, when you misjudge the third step and fall – forward and up – spilling most of the 16-oz party cup that you had just managed to fill. You look drunk, and you’re not, but the people downstairs are starting to wonder not only about your sobriety, but possibly your mental capacity.

This is exactly how I felt about 10 minutes ago, when I opened up my Twitter account and found out that the Mariners had re-signed Mike Sweeney.

It’s to a minor league contract, which is good, considering the amount of major league-level guys we already have (and yes, I am well aware that everyone – everyone – has to prove themselves during Spring Training, even Junior), and outside of the initial surprise, I’m totally fine with it. It gives us some DH depth if we need it, and it will turn the Rainiers clubhouse into a happy-fest – and I have to think Sweeney’s going to be great with the fans down in Tacoma. This is really a win-win situation for everyone, especially Rainiers fans. Now that I’m thinking about it, Jack Zduriencik and company have managed to keep a lot of the old guard at a minor league level while making improvements at the major league level. I have to think that this will further trickle down to the Aquasox organization, which should make for an awesome show up north, too.

So while I dust myself off and go get some towels and realize that everyone trips from time to time for no good reason – even up the stairs – I intend to have a good time at this party.

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