Strange things afoot at Circle K

Everyone reports tomorrow, I’m more than halfway done with my second out of three school terms, and Spring Training starts in less days than I have fingers and toes. We’re coming down the final stretch. The days are even getting longer, if only by a few minutes, and the weather is generally a little warmer than it was even a few weeks ago. Last night I took a walk down Beach Drive in West Seattle, and the air even sort of smelled like – dare I say it – Spring.

It will involve some discussion with others, a lot more thought on my part, and a trip to the University district when all is said and done, but I believe I may have come up with a plan/situation that would result in me being a 2010 season ticket holder for 2 seats and 16 games. I probably won’t know for another month or so whether or not I can truly do this, and I don’t want to discuss it online until things are finalized. I will say that it’s not illegal, doesn’t involve me selling any body parts or fluids (technically), won’t be anything to do with medical experiments,  and won’t involve me finding part time work, which I can’t take anyway, not while I’m in school. I am both excited and torn by the prospect, but more on that when it happens, if it happens.

Current Russell Branyan rumor is that he’s been offered a major league deal by the Cleveland Indians. Since the Florida Marlins denied ever having any connection to him, and he denied our one-year offer, I’ve been waiting to see where Branyan might wind up. The back injury is scaring potential suitors off, but maybe now that Branyan has an idea of what it feels like to be the everyday guy, he’ll be a little more aware of his limitations at first base and at the plate – I don’t know from batting mechanics, but it seems like there might be something that can be done to ease his swing/stance so that he doesn’t re-aggravate his disc. He is reportedly feeling fine (aren’t they all?), and at the risk of redundancy, I hope that he can get a deal with a team that can really use him.

Talk of obtaining another starting pitcher has died down, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned this offseason, it’s that the quiet periods are when you have to watch out. There are a lot of people in Seattle still carrying a torch for Jarrod Washburn, and Geoff Baker has posted a podcast from Arizona discussing the pros and cons of bringing him back.  I guess Baker Live is also happening tonight, and I am in information-craving mode right now, so that will be my dinner entertainment. Hope all those weird UStream problems from last year are ironed out…I have no opinion on this anymore. I’m glad Wash did what he was able to do in the first half of last year, but I’d think that if they were going to bring him back, they would have done it already – ST starts tomorrow. Either that, or they’ll bring him back in the next 48 hours while I’m sleeping, in school, or otherwise preoccupied, so I guess there’s that.

Also at the risk of being redundant (I excel at it sometimes), Mike Curto, broadcaster for the Tacoma Rainiers has started a blog. He is down in Arizona as well, and is ready to give us some news about our Triple A guys. I don’t know how many Rainiers games I’ll be able to attend this year, but I love that he started writing about the team. The Rainiers’ website is rarely as up-to-date as it could be (it took them about 2 days to mention that the team had failed to advance in the playoffs after they won the PCL last year), and the team itself is somewhat of a mystery to anyone who doesn’t pay constant attention to it (or those of us who are just digging in) – so I most definitely welcome a Rainiers-specific blog. Plus, the more the merrier, and insider information is always ace.

Since I haven’t yapped about it in a while, Twitter and FaceBook are available outposts for anyone interested…

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8 Responses to Strange things afoot at Circle K

  1. Althanan says:

    Redundant? Nah. Oh, by the way, here’s your “Office of the Reduntandt Redundancy Office” badge 😉

  2. yo says:

    What are you studying? As a fellow Westsider, we rule!

    • section331 says:

      West Seattle represent! 🙂
      It’s a bit of a long story, but I’m going through a pharm tech program to get a certification for the state. I used to work in Oregon before certification was required for employment, so the school this is a formality – necessary, but a formality all the same. Ever since I moved up here, I’ve been doing administrative assistant work, and I just got tired of it.

  3. trisha jollimore says:

    that would be awesome if you were able to get season tickets again this year.

    • section331 says:

      It would, but you’re not gonna be around, lady! I will miss our Sounders games and pre-game Fuel shennanigans with Gil and other assorted people whose names I don’t know. 🙂

  4. Harrison says:

    There is no rec button. But, REC’d anyways for the simple “Bill and Ted” refernce in the subject.

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