I swear, I’m not looking for points here

Pitchers and catchers have done the reporting thing today, and I am pleased about it because it means the start of the 2010 season, but it does not put the baseball in my face any sooner. My one consolation – starting last night – is Baker Live every day at 6pm. I know there is some weird blogger/journalist tension where Geoff Baker is concerned, but consider me Switzerland here. I learn things from everything I read or hear, and I love all the reporters and bloggers, because each one has a unique way of delivering news and information about this team. I may not agree with all of it all the time, but it is information, and with Spring Training around the corner, I crave information. Also, I’m a big girl and quite capable of forming my own opinions and ideas about the Mariners with the information I’m given.  Besides; Baker is at Spring Training, and I, most assuredly, am not. So listening to an hour each night makes me happy, because it means that the party is underway.

Speaking of bloggers…late last year, before all the trade moves were made, Jon Shields at ProBallNW called it quits for a few days, then Brett Favre’d in November. He was going to bail on BBT/PBNW because of an increasingly busy schedule, but Tweets and emails from people who read and love his site convinced him otherwise (I think some of the Mariners offseason moves had a little to do with it, too “winkwink, nudgenudge*). I was at least worth a Tweet during this time, and possibly a few direct messages with a lot of sad-face emoticons typed in, because it was a bummer that we as a collective fanbase were going to lose him. Jon got some folks to help him out with contributions to the site, and since then, they’ve picked up steam again there. This article on David Aardsma’s pitching mechanics demonstrates perfectly why I personally wanted Jon (and company) to stay active in the blogosphere. Jon’s pitching articles are always well-thought-out, even to the point where Jon himself tries to mimic what he sees in order to understand it more thoroughly. He writes clearly and to the point, while packing as much information as possible into these articles – and since I love pitching, this is a total coup for me. So, to sum up, if you’re not already, read PBNW, you’ll be glad you did.

Other than that, not much else going on. Tom gets back from Russia next week, Winter term is nearly over, I can now count the days to Spring Training on fewer fingers and toes than yesterday, Go Mariners.

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