More from Spring Training

No, I’m not there, but I have a friend who is (just found out this morning), and he has some mobile uploads that I wanted to share. He’s not Ansel Adams, and they’re from a camera phone, but it’s the Mariners Spring Training, and that is most definitely important!

The entrance the the Peoria complex, and the guys on the field.

All photos courtesy Robert Taylor.

He told me that not much is going on -and from other reports I’ve heard, it’s more or less training drills and the dreaded shuttle run (check out Baker’s Don Wakamatsu clip there), but I’d still love to go down. And in the sun? I know it’s nice up here in Seattle today, but I could watch guys in blue and teal run around for hours in the warm weather in Arizona and not get bored. Baseball is coming, folks!

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2 Responses to More from Spring Training

  1. Bart's Evil Twin says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures from your friend at Spring training. We did this several years ago, and it was a real blast! Of course, the beers and margaritas might have had something to do with it … 😉

    • section331 says:

      Sure! I was hoping he’d have more for me today, but I guess there’s not much to take photos of until the games start in March. I just wish it was that warm here. It’s been nice, but seeing photos of Arizona makes me want summer to happen now. 😀

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