Tuesday snippets

I’ve been gradually making my way through the Mariners Annual (go buy it if you haven’t already, plus, plug, plug!), and am nearly done with Larry Stone’s interview with Don Wakamatsu. This may not be much of an epiphany to anyone else, and I’m not trying to be spoiler-y for anyone who doesn’t have their copy yet, but I was a little bit surprised to find out that all that 2009 bunting was not all Wak’s doing. I had an impression of the man due to how he handled things last year, but I had no idea how much more respect I’d have for him after reading that article, it’s a real eye opener. I cannot emphasize enough that if you love this team, and you don’t have this publication, you’re missing out!

Ex-Mariner Dan Wilson is playing hockey this Saturday as a member of the Celebrity Hockey Challenge at Showare down in Kent. CHC is a charity event for Ronald McDonald House. Other local notables are Bill Wixey from Fox 13 News, Paul Silvi of King 5 Sports, and Ian Furness from KJR 950AM – and I’m pretty sure I can think of a handful of Erik Bedard fans people who’d like to see Furness get checked. Follow the link for more information.

I’m still working my way into buying season tickets. I thought I would be able to just stay cool and fight off the urge to get them – and I may have to just live with it – but every day closer to the home opener is another day that I’m trying to figure out how many of my personal belongings could be sold for two season seats. I don’t need that extra bone marrow or lung, right? This is obviously not news or of any significance, other than that it means I get to go see baseball more frequently during a year that is supposed to be a good one.

There was a bit of an uproar/wave of sadness last night over some comments Adrian Beltre made to the Boston press. Does he mean it, or is he just playing the game? You can’t deny that the Red Sox are a good organization – and my friend Eric will gladly reinforce the point for you if you try to.  We have a feel-good clubhouse, and we’ve made some really good moves in the offseason, but it has to be frustrating for a player like Beltre to be able to succeed everywhere but home offensively. It has to be a bit of a relief to go somewhere that 50% of your games are played in a field that is more suited to your hitting – because let’s face it, defense will likely never be a problem for Adrian. And you want to make a good impression with the fans who are now forced to see you not as an enemy but as one of them. I’m sure he meant what he said, but it doesn’t mean he’s slighting us, just that he’s happy to still be playing ball with a good organization. He seems to be well on his way to making friends, and I’m very happy for him; not so happy for us when we have to face him, but happy nonetheless.

Chris Egan from King 5 News is down in camp and has been pretty reliable about Tweeting photos from Spring Training workout today, for which I thank him very much. Twitter account via the link. For more pictures and information, follow The Real Mariners Twitter feed. This is the only Twitter feed that provides current Seattle Mariners information, and it is very official. Everything else is either journalists under their own name (obviously), or fans pretending to be something official (which I totally don’t get – people must be really bored). Anyway, it appears to have stopped raining down in Peoria – the skies are clear, the grass is green, the dirt is brown, and the Mariners are blue and teal. Only a week and a day before the first Spring Training game is broadcast on 710AM ESPN.

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7 Responses to Tuesday snippets

  1. Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

    If ya dont get the season tickets….

    And you’re looking for cheap View reserved tickets for some games…just let me know.

    Friend added some Section 325 seats under the 4 for the price of 2 season ticket plan, onto my account (because on relocation day I could get better seat choice)

    Most are weekday games that I am selling for him and they are only $8 per ticket (compared to the regular $16 season ticket price)

    It the seats that I plan on giving ya a pair for a game for finding me that USSM/LL ticket. (i’ll give ya a list of games to choose from later in March)

    • section331 says:

      I’m having trouble finding the money, sadly. lol

      Just let me know, re; the list. 🙂

      • Craig D-MarinersManiac says:

        Here is the list to choose from (I was gonna give ya 2 tickets to the game ya selected)
        Section 325 row 12

        14-Apr Oakland Athletics
        19-Apr Baltimore Orioles***
        20-Apr Baltimore Orioles***
        4-May Tampa Bay Rays
        5-May Tampa Bay Rays***
        6-May Tampa Bay Rays
        31-May Minnesota Twins
        1-Jun Minnesota Twins
        2-Jun Minnesota Twins***
        3-Jun Minnesota Twins***
        5-Jul Kansas City Royals
        6-Jul Kansas City Royals
        19-Jul Chicago White Sox***
        20-Jul Chicago White Sox
        21-Jul Chicago White Sox
        3-Aug Texas Rangers***
        4-Aug Texas Rangers***
        5-Aug Texas Rangers
        9-Aug Oakland Athletics***
        10-Aug Oakland Athletics***
        11-Aug Oakland Athletics
        2-Sep Cleveland Indians
        3-Sep Cleveland Indians***
        4-Sep Cleveland Indians***
        5-Sep Cleveland Indians***
        30-Sep Oakland Athletics

        All of these games are $8 each ticket if interested in purchasing any of the other games listed (will be adding a couple more games to the list after the person I share these seats with decides on other games)

        Just let me know which game ya want….
        I can mail the tickets to you…. (be the end of march when they arrive)
        can leave the tickets at safeco field will call for ya to pick up
        (which I would do on opening day, and you could pickup any time after that)

  2. CompassRosy says:

    You can certainly add Rosy to the list of those who might find at least a tiny bit of joy in watching I.F. get checked 😉

  3. djslowdive says:

    I re-skimmed that article about Beltre and Cameron and I’m not sure I saw anything there that should cause M’s fans to be upset w/ what Beltre said.
    Did I miss something?

    • section331 says:

      It was mainly the whole thing about now being on a team that has a chance to win. He’s right, obviously, but we’ve done a lot of extremely purposeful rebuilding in the offseason, and I think it comes as a bit of a slap to some, because people really loved him a lot, and now we do have a legitimate chance to win. Make sense?

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