Fridays at SafeCo

I hope to have some definitive news concerning my status as a Mariners season ticket holder within the next week. How I’m planning on accomplishing this feat will either make me look extremely clever or extremely desperate, possibly both. I don’t care what anyone thinks, however; it doesn’t involve medical experiments, so *twitch!* that’s a positive. I’m still having a difficult time processing everything, too. Someone may need to pinch me.

It’s Friday again. Only a few days away from Spring Training broadcasts, and a month and change before the Real Thing starts up.  So, on to some photos of the Real Thing.

Everyone on the bar, watching Erik Bedard’s start. I was in the 4th row, and I’m sure I may have mentioned this, but it was very hot. I take quite a few photos every game, not all of them get used during game summaries. This was one of those, but I still like it.

Guillermo Quiroz. Frankly, I’m surprised this photo came out as good as it did. I have nothing but complaints about my telephoto lens and normally don’t use it – but this one came out well, I think. One of the few games Quiroz played for us early in 2009, when he was wearing number 55, which eventually became Michael Saunders’ number.

This is one of my favorite pictures, ever. It was taken in 2008 during a Tampa Bay Rays game. The rain had stopped, the sun came out, and the roof had been opened; a few minutes later, this happened. Sadly, I haven’t framed it yet. I should remedy that. The main thing that slays me about how well this turned out is that it was taken on my crappy little $100 point-and-shoot, but it totally sums up the way I feel when I’m there, watching a game. Everything is kittens and rainbows.

The continued rain today just makes me long for the game to start even more. Only another few days to struggle through. I know Spring Training games aren’t important for any reason other than to get the guys warmed up and to separate the Rainiers (and the Aquasox, and the Diamond Jaxx) from the Mariners, but they’re important to me because hey, it’s baseball I don’t know the outcome of already. Also, it’s baseball. And I love it so!

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