Three more days…

I feel like I’m falling behind, though there isn’t a lot to get caught up on, as there isn’t much happening now. Due to circumstance beyond my control, I’ve missed out on Baker Live the past few nights, but I feel that it will prove far more useful next week, when there are games being played and thus a little more to talk about. So, a few links, although I’m sure that everyone is reading these already…

Larry Stone is catching up with some ex-Mariners on the east coast. The photos of baseball happening under palm trees make me really long for much nicer weather than what I’m seeing out my window this morning. It’s neat to see our former guys – whatever your opinion of some of them – smiling and doing what they do.

The Chicago press is officially acting like a psycho ex-girlfriend. Or like John Cusak, holding a boom box over their heads on Milton Bradley’s lawn. Not only are they now pining for the drama of Milton Bradley, but they’re trying to drag Marlon Byrd down with them. I was in a relationship like this once – it gets really old when every day features a new comparison to someone’s ex. It results in a ridiculous, difficult breakup that never had to happen if the other person would have just not consented to date you in the first place. Because they’re obviously still in love with this other person that you are not. Dear Chicago; Milton Bradley doesn’t want to date you anymore. Take your flowers and get off my porch!

I’m linking it through USS Mariner just because, but via Geoff Baker comes some actual video and more news over the new training program started by Dr Marcus Elliot. They’re bailing on the weight program as it was, and changing things up to have the weights directly target the muscles the players actually use while playing. I watched it with the sound off, because I was listening to Dave Cameron talk on, but it is obvious that the stretch they demonstrate in the video targets pitching muscles. I almost feel bad about linking to this, because if it produces the results that it’s supposed to, other teams might know our secrets! But it’s important, so I’m linking it.

ProBallNW has started doing their player-by-player series for 2010 here. I do have to catch up on some of my reading, I guess. I have two papers due next Monday, one of which comes with a presentation (and I despise public speaking), so I have a somewhat built-in excuse, but the rest of today looks like it’s going to be a little busy. Oh, and because of an article in the Mariners Annual, I now have a very light grasp of the concept of FIP. At the very least, I know a good number from a bad number; it’s a start.

Fridays at Safeco after I go to school and ace this test…

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6 Responses to Three more days…

    • section331 says:

      I have that bookmarked, but have not had the time to sit and read it. My main problem is that I have no median number to look at in order to know whether some stats are “good” or “bad”. If I know, say, that a good FIP number is 3, then I have something to judge a pitcher who is 5.4 or 2, you know? I just need an “average” in order to understand it, basically; and no place really explains that, everyone just explains the math behind it, which does me no good.

  1. Jon@PBNW says:

    FIP is put on an ERA scale, so just look at it like you’d look at ERA.

    < 2.50 ridiculous

    < 3.00 awesome

    < 3.50 really good

    4.50 meh

    Or something like that.

    • section331 says:

      Helpful Jon!
      That makes some sense, actually.
      I think all I ever expect to want to know from the numbers is approximately what they measure, and what a good number is to jump off from.
      I will likely be discussing WAR with Conor at least once this coming Friday. That’s been a difficult one to grab onto, and no matter how many different ways it’s been explained, none of that information is really getting through my noggin bone. :/

  2. Jon@PBNW says:

    I don’t understand a lot of it. Whenever I see numbers my brain stops working correctly. So I feel your pain. I just try to get the jist and then trust that that the ones that have made it through enough peer review to land on a site like FanGraphs are safe to use.

    • section331 says:

      You’re an excellent bullshit artist then. LOL
      I use FanGraphs quite a bit, actually, especially to compare new guys if I find I’m interested in this or that player. It’s a handy tool to have, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one responsible for compiling it!

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