I set my alarm clock this morning. Oops.

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I’m just not going to miss this situation at all. Brandon Morrow is right, of course; had we decided to choose Tim Lincecum, the front office might have mismanaged him the same way, and now he’d be “starting” for the Toronto Blue Jays. I wish Morrow well, certainly – but I will not feel at a loss for the on-again/off-again, I’m-a-starter-now-I-want-to-be-a-closer inconsistency. Not being here anymore, he has the luxury of publicly blaming the front office for mishandling him, but he can’t deny that he had at least a small part in some of those problems, especially toward the end of his tenure here. I hope he works himself into a spot that is comfortable and does well by the Jays.

It looks like FSN has added another game to their broadcast schedule, so there’s something else to look forward to – it’s on a Thursday, and I will not have any school that day, so the winner is me, as the kids say on the internets. Doug Fister will be the starter for next Wednesday’s game. Geoff Baker also has an article about new “Axe” bats the players are using, and a post featuring Jay Buhner with crazy eyes. They look interesting, but I wonder how much more prone they’ll be to slipping out of a batter’s grasp because of the taper on the handle?

Ryan Rowland-Smith is working on throwing a cutter, which is cool. Three cheers for a wider arsenal!  I understand Cliff Lee throws a cutter, too (though not as frequently as a fastball), so hopefully he can give Hyphen some pointers. Also, I heard via Twitter late last night that RRS just got done filming his commercial for this season. I’m hoping that enough of our team sticks around this year that all the commercials are usable all season long. 2008 was certainly miserable like that – after the loss of Jose Vidro, Richie Sexson, and then considering how badly Yuniesky Betancourt started playing, eventually all we were left with was that damn fungo commercial, and the revocation of the tagline “My oh my” because nobody wanted to hear it when we were down by so many games less than halfway through the season. Last year’s commercials all stuck around, but they weren’t as good – I didn’t think – as some in previous years. Just my opinion, though. I did like the Felix commercial (“I’m sure your family loves you, so keep the chin up!”). I’m just excited for everything this year, and who am I kidding – I’m sure I’ll love the commercials regardless.

Baker just posted this, but it looks like we now have our very own Josh Hamilton. Sort of.  An interesting story, and I’d be curious to hear more. I like hearing about redemption and second chances – it was, after all, what made the 2009 Mariners so much fun to watch.

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4 Responses to I set my alarm clock this morning. Oops.

  1. Althanan says:

    The way axe handles are designed, I wouldn’t worry about slippage all that much. The taper actually ought to help prevent it, as the strength of the batter’s grip would keep his hands from opening enough down the end, where a knobbed bat can just kind of “pop” on you.

    I actually wouldn’t mind trying one of those out myself. Wonder where/when the general public could get their hands on them…?

    • section331 says:

      Well, I’m not “worried” per se – they’re big boys, I’m sure they can take it – it just seems like it might hamper a grip. Then again, I am not a frequent flier on the wood chopping express, so I have no idea about axes. haha!

      The article made it sound like there was a store or something open where one might be able to procure one of these. If you get one, we can go across the street to the park, and I can throw my pink cancer charity ball for you to try it out (and the mental image of this one is hilarious, to me only).

  2. section331 says:

    Also, I throw like a girl! 😀

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