My big fat news

I was holding off on talking about this until it actually became a reality (ie; credit cards were charged), but now that that’s happened, I finally feel secure in mentioning it; I have managed to become a 16-game plan ticket holder once again, in the left field bleachers this time. I am far more excited than that sentence belies, trust me.

So what happened?

Well, frankly, I’ve been thinking about this situation ever since January. Baseball is a drug, and I am definitely an addict. I thought I could go cold turkey, but I was so, so wrong. At first it was a bit of a light daydream sort of thing, where it was ‘oh, wouldn’t this be nice, but I have school and no job, it’ll never happen‘. FanFest rolled around, and my friend Rob went to get his 16-game bleacher seat, right in front of me, flaunting it like a jerk. When pitchers and catchers reported, I started to feel like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, with a devil and angel version of David Aardsma on each shoulder (which is ridiculous, because that would weigh a ton), but this time both of them were screaming “DO IT!” But still I had no idea where I was going to get any money. About two weeks or so ago, I got so tired of dealing with the shoulder pain and screaming, that I was on the verge of selling a bunch of CDs, my drum kit, and whatever else in the house might have been sell-able. I talked to my friends Brandon and Jessica about the drum set thing – since I’m technically “in a band” with them, I figured they should have some say in it – and Brandon talked me out of it, at least for now.

Then it hit me. I could do odd jobs for friends…but this is where things get super-weird.

I have in the past offered to do manual labor for people when I’ve been unemployed or found myself needing a little extra money. Nobody usually takes me up on it, because they’re unemployed, or they could just do it themselves. But this time, I hit a totally unexpected jackpot…As anyone who has been reading this for any period of time knows, my friend Jessica was in a pretty bad car accident now over a year and a half ago; it compounded a hip issue she’d already had, and resulted in a lot more problems than just a regular car accident might have afforded.  I’ve talked here many times about the two of us zipping around SafeCo with her in a wheelchair, both of us taking pictures, talking about her softball days, etc.  Her husband Brandon is the same Brandon I’ve gone to the past three USSM/Lookout Landing meetings with. Jessica obviously can’t do yardwork, and Brandon is just not a yardwork guy. They were in the process of hiring a yard service when I asked if anyone needed any work done…

See where this is going?

To make sure this train got on the tracks ASAP, the Jerwas told me they’d pay for my two tickets up front, and then buy themselves a third. If I can’t find someone to go with on a given game, they both go with me, and if they find they have to miss a game, we find someone else who wants to buy the third ticket. My job is to have in-depth conversations with their lawn, weeds, and trees about being good little plants on as regular a basis as the weather and our schedules allow this year. Everyone wins!

To make matters even more awesome, buying season tickets of course allowed me the ability to get two tickets for myself and Conor of (who really needs to write more, and I’m sure Mr Jon Shields would agree with me) to go to Opening Day! Opening Day tickets will also be in the view reserved section, hopefully close to the Greek food kiosk I hear is going to be open up there. Seriously, I need to be in a seat with a gyro in my paws on Opening Day, or all hell will break loose!

There. I feel SO much better now! As soon as the traffic dies down this morning, I’m going to go out and do a little jig in the street!

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6 Responses to My big fat news

  1. petermag says:

    Yeah Megan! I bought a 16 game pack for similar reason and we’re in the LF bleachers! awesome. Maybe we’ll see each other on opening day!

    • section331 says:

      Our OD tix are in the view reserved area. We’ve got plan C for the season. My thinking is to get there early on OD and maybe take in some beers at Pyramid, before going to the crazy at SafeCo. Either that or the nice quiet confines of the Elysian, since Connor’s never been there…maybe we should make meetup plans?

  2. Lonnie says:

    This is great news! I was on the verge of buying a ticket plan and offering them to you, but now I don’t have to!!!!!

    Just kidding, I’m very happy for you and I’m glad that it worked out so well.


    • section331 says:

      With the whole yardwork thing, I feel like I’m opening my own lemonade stand. Maybe if I don’t find work after school is over, that’ll be for next year. haha! Thanks, I’m super happy about it, especially the Opening Day thing; totally geeked to be there for what is going to be the official home start of a great season. 😀

  3. Harrison says:

    Congrats Megan, enjoy those tickets!

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