It’s finally HERE!!! (Also, Opening Day meetup?)

I was able to get out of class a little early today, and nearly ran to the car to get to the radio to hear the very first broadcast of the very first Spring Training game of 2010.  I really cannot properly convey how much it means to hear Dave Niehaus and Rick Rizzs coming through the airwaves of my tiny headphone radio, talking about Chone Figgins and Ken Griffey Jr and Jack Wilson and Milton Bradley and Ichiro! all taking their first hacks and making their first plays of the season. It has been a long, long drought of a winter, and it is finally coming to a close. Magnificent!

In other news, I think that an Opening Day pre-game meetup with anyone who wants to show their shiny happy faces is in order. So if you want to come and chill with me and Conor Dowley before the 3.40pm game on Monday, April 12th. We’ll be at the Elysian Fields brewpub across the street from Qwest at 542 1st Ave S, and we’ll be there at noon.  The pub allows children in their main dining area, and of course they serve food, hard alcohol, and a wonderful selection of their own beers (if you’ve never had their pumpkin ale in the Fall, you’re missing out!) Any questions about this one, feel free to ask; the Elysian is a frequent pre-game haunt for me, so I should be able to help with any concerns anyone might have. Come and toast the 2010 season, grab some beer that is a wee bit cheaper than $8.50 a pint, and talk some baseball. GO MARINERS! Welcome back, boys!

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12 Responses to It’s finally HERE!!! (Also, Opening Day meetup?)

  1. Griffin says:

    I should be going to opening day with a couple of friends, may be down for a meetup. Will see!

  2. appleshampoo says:

    Tweet-up eh? I might be down…last year I just took a half day off work for opening day and still went in in the “morning” (my day starts about 11a), but I might take the whole day this year…we’ll see.

  3. Althanan says:

    I’ll be there! Oh, wait, that’s a given, since you kinda mentioned me in that… anywho…

  4. section331 says:

    Griffin – I believe Elysian has pre-bar hours for the main area – I’ve seen little kids in there before, and we even brought a baby once. As long as you’re not in the bar area, I don’t think they mind, so long as it’s before 9pm. I’ll call closer to the day and find out for sure, repost the info here.

  5. Jon@PBNW says:

    If I go to Opening Day I’ll be there.


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