Sadly, sometimes fatigue trumps baseball

I’ve linked to it in the sidebar here, but if my baseball writing is not your thing, maybe my cooking documentation might be.  I’ve decided to start keeping track of my own and my friends’ exploits in the kitchen, and am thinking it might branch out into restaurant reviews and beer reviews eventually. I’m not sure how often I’ll update, but I’m going to give it a shot. I know too many good cooks not to.

I am having a huge case of the  guilts today for falling asleep around the 5th inning of yesterday’s extra-innings Spring Training game. I tried to stay awake, but I only got a few hours of sleep the other night, and that coupled with how warm it was in the living room with the heat on resulted in me falling asleep with the headphones on and the laptop perched precariously on my knees. I feel somehow less of a fan for letting my exhaustion get the best of me, but plan to try and make up for it during today’s noon-time charity game against the San Diego Padres.

Fortunately for those of us who allowed a need for sleep to override our excitement for early-year baseball, Griffin at was on it like butter. Game notes at the link. Shannon Drayer also has some liveblogging going on at her site.

Some other recent-ish links:

  • Ryan Feierabend is feeling perky these days, and will start a game this coming Sunday. I’ve always liked him, though, like my irrational love for Garrett Olson, I’m not sure why. He’s just one of those players that I wish well.
  • Geoff Baker has some video from yesterday’s meeting of giants Ken Griffey Jr and Tim Lincecum; or at least, Lincecum’s reaction to it. I think it’s kind of cool that baseball players are susceptible to being starstruck, even when they’re stars themselves. It’s a keen reminder that they’re just guys doing a job – a dream job for some, but it’s still their job.
  • USS Mariner has added a new writer, and he posted an interesting link to an article about a pretty cool innovation for pitchers that might help pitching mechanics in the future. Yay for Science! The video is fascinating – if you haven’t already, watch it.

EDIT: No redemption for me this afternoon. Looks like today’s game is not being broadcast on ESPN. Terrible bummer, but listening to Brock and Salk anyway because I’ve nothing else to do today. And also because I love them, but mainly because I have little else to do.

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