Today’s charity game with the Padres

The game was not on the radio, but was on the next best thing, which is GameDay. I normally am not a huge fan of GameDay – it’s clunky and slow, there are no pitch types listed for Spring Training games, and it occasionally hiccups so that I kept thinking I was a half-inning ahead of where the game was actually at, but  I gladly spent the afternoon watching the little white-uniformed cartoon man in his perpetual state of waiting for the tiny colored circle to come shooting out of the darkness above the cartoon “mound”.  Also, GameDay photos are still hilarious.  Also, also, I found out that you can in fact reach a “tweet limit” on Twitter, which I did promptly after the big move of  the game happened (and thankfully it was after that).

The game was neck-and-neck most of the way. None of our big names were playing today, really, but the Mariners team consisting of mostly minor leaguers beat a Padres team that included Matt Stairs and Adrian Gonzalez. The big shock came in the bottom of the 8th with the bases loaded, when Tommy Everidge took Radhames Liz yard to widen the small 2-run gain we had just made on them earlier that inning. There was even an Everidge fan talking to me via Twitter who called it seconds before it happened. Amazing! Had I been able to hear the crowd or see it for myself, I probably would have been jumping around the room,  but it was just me listening to Brock and Salk on the headphones and laptopping the game, so the best I could manage was a dropped jaw and -most likely- a big smile. I know Spring Training doesn’t mean much, but it’s hard not to get excited when something like that happens. Would have loved to have been there.

I hate saying it so ridiculously early, but I think San Diego is going to be very sad this year. They seem generally disinterested in signing the guy who is widely regarded as their best player, and according to a friend of mine who is a fan, they seem hell-bent on running their organization into the ground. I’m not trying to be condescending at all, but I really do feel badly for their fans. One of the games in my ticket package is a Pads game, I think it’s sometime in May. I hope they at least put up a fight. If they win, I might even be happy for them…

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