Sunday bullet points

There’s not a lot going on currently. It’s days like today where I wish I knew more or had more of an inclination towards analysis, because then I could pick some random player and wax philosophic about how they’re going to do this year. But I’m not, so I can’t,  so there you go.

  • I started on the path to holding up my end of the season ticket bargain today by spending 4+ hours at the Jerwa’s house, mowing and trimming the lawn, weeding (like the on-your-hands-and-knees kind of weeding, I am not a wuss), picking up dead yard debris, and stuffing everything into yard bags. Oh, and sweeping. Lots of sweeping. My back hurts now, and it was very cold outside, the weather having taken a rather ominous turn for the worse this morning. I love baseball, I love baseball, I love baseball…
  • While I was making war with my friends’ yard, I was listening to…basketball on the radio. Yes. Basketball. My Nano is all messed up, and I neglected to bring a CD player with me, so radio was all I had. The Mariners Spring Training game that was going to be broadcast today was rained out. But all was not lost for the boys. They couldn’t play ball, but they could play. A few weeks ago, Mike Sweeney came up with an idea for the rookies to do an American Idol-style clubhouse competition of sorts. Shannon Drayer has her write-up about it here (poor, poor Steve Baron), and Jim Street has his here. Oh, the money I would pay to be able to see Matt Tuiasosopo do the Haka…
  • I am quite pleased to say that I have finally gotten the MLB Network. I was able to watch a White Sox/Dodgers Spring Trainer yesterday, after listening to most of the Mariners/Padres game on the radio. I am hoping that having this channel will mean that I’ll get to see a few Orioles or Diamondbacks games this year. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the programming choices, but it’s relatively inexpensive to add to our TV package, and it’s been fun so far.
  • This is old news by now, but wasn’t really heavily circulated: the Tacoma Rainiers have announced plans to upgrade Cheney Stadium, and it looks like they’re going all out to make their improvements. Their FaceBook page has some renderings, so check them out there. This doesn’t get me tickets to their Opening Day on April 8th (I have a very one-track mind), but it’s great that the Mariners organization is stepping up the game for their minor league team.
  • The Ms are 2-2 in Spring Training so far.  Though I’m really happy to have baseball back, I’m determined to not take this all as seriously as I did last year. ESPN has made that a little easier for me by deciding to not air the games on their station as much as KOMO did last year. I love Brock and Salk, but hearing a talk radio show that is still spending a lot of time focusing on  football when I know that there is Mariners baseball being played somewhere on the face of this earth is disheartening, to say the least. I was truly thankful for the guys being down there the first full week of pitchers and catchers, but now I want to hear the games that the team I support are playing. GameDay just doesn’t cut it, and this is a local team! I’d likely have harsher words about this if there hadn’t been a rainout today, but I am still looking at writing a letter to the powers that be, especially if there is more of the same this week. I thought one of the goals of sports radio was to get fans jacked up for their team, and ESPN is not showing me any love there. And I know I’m not alone.  Bad form, guys.

EDIT: It appears that where ESPN fails, the MLB Network does me a solid – there is a split squad game tomorrow, vs both the White Sox and Milwaukee. The Milwaukee game is being broadcast at 4pm PST. This channel is already paying for itself!

EDIT 2: Yeah. I feel like a moron – it’s at the bottom of Drayer’s article, which I neglected to check out at first because I’d been so keen to find out about the song-and-dance thing. Lesson learned, no blogging when tired.

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